Savage XL Flux GTXl-1 Monster Truck RTR 1/8 Scale 4WD Brushle $919.98

The Savage XL FLUX GTXL-1 we know and love combines the awesome raw power of 6S LiPo brushless power with the stability of a long wheelbase in the legendary HPI Savage TVP monster truck package!
The colossally powerful FLUX 2200KV motor is ready for blast-off with all the power you can run through it, and the FLUX 6S-capable electronic speed controller is fully capable of up to 22.2 volts of power to let you pull off giant stunts and jaw-dropping speed.
We're now proud to present the Savage XL FLUX in a new rugged military matte green livery ready to combat any terrain, right out of the box!
Crazy as FLUX Speed and Power
Easy plug-and-go convenience is the hallmark of electric RC trucks, and the Savage XL FLUX GTXL-1 is no different. Just plug in two matching battery packs and you are off and running! The Flux 6S-capable speed controller can handle massive amounts of power, and you can fit two standard 2S or 3S LiPo batteries, 4 AA's in the transmitter and pull the trigger for breathtaking speed and jumps!
Savage XL FLUX GTXL-1 - Feel The Power!!
The Flux MLH-2200 is the centerpiece of our latest 1/8th scale brushless -powered vehicles. If you're looking for jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring power for your 1/8th scale off-road vehicles, this is where you can stop looking! The Flux MLH-2200 will give you more than enough power for anything you're looking for: giant air stunts, multiple back flips, colossal top speeds, and wheel-spinning every-which-ways action!
Legendary Tough Savage TVP chassis
After decades of thrilling RC bashing performance, the HPI Savage has earned a reputation for being the toughest monster truck you can find. This is thanks to the pair of XL-Long 3mm thick aluminum Twin Vertical Plates (TVP) providing the backbone of the Savage, along with the thick 7075 aluminum motor plate housing the FLUX MLH-2200 at the heart of the beast.
Closer to the ground we have the ultra-tough XL-Wide Savage suspension with super-thick webbed suspension arms and uprights built to handle gigantic jumps, rough landings, rolls and full-speed crashes.
Harnessing the power we have super heavy-duty, bulletproof drivetrain parts like the thick, steel dogbones, all-metal transmission gears, forged diff gears and metal diff cases that make sure the drivetrain can handle all the power of the XL-Powerful FLUX motor.
Steel Spur Gear & All-Metal Transmission
Equipped with a strong steel pinion and steel spur gear, the drivetrain is designed for extreme durability as you rip off huge stunts and jumps. For extra resilience, the spur gear is manufactured with a tried and tested dual slipper pad design. In addition to this, the Savage XL FLUX features all-metal transmission gears to make sure that every bit of power gets from the motor to the tires efficiently and with no worry of damage to the gears. Plus, the whole drivetrain runs on rubber-sealed ball bearings for optimal efficiency, for extra-long runtimes and mega-fast top speeds!
Under its dominant exterior, the bulletproof reinforcements continue with super heavy-duty dogbones, steel outdrives and wide axles adding up to all the assurance you'll want that the drivetrain won't let you down when the going gets tough!

2.4GHz radio system
3mm TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis with XL-long wheelbase
HPI high torque steering servo
HPI FLUX 6S-capable brushless ESC
HPI FLUX MLH-2200 2200KV brushless motor
6S LiPo capability
Big Bore silicone oil-filled shocks
All-metal bulletproof drivetrain
43-tooth steel spur gear
Super heavy-duty dogbones
Forged diff gears
17mm hex hubs
Shock towers have multiple shock mounting positions
Quick access to the front or rear differential by removing just 4 screws
Cam type servo saver
Twin vented battery boxes with locking battery box doors
All socket head hardware
Slipper clutch to protect drivetrain
Protected receiver box
3mm 7075 motor plate
Dual 8mm billet motor clamps
4-gear differentials
Aluminum front and rear suspension braces
Front and rear skid plate bumpers
Full set of ball bearings
Black chrome Warlock wheels

This part is available for sale or distribution
through Hobby Etc., Inc in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA

HPI100310 $7.18
Ball End Set Firestorm (12)

HPI100312 $10.78
Front Suspension Arm Set Firestorm

HPI100313 $13.18
Rear Hub Carrier Set Firestorm

HPI100315 $13.18
Rear Suspension Arm Set Firestorm

HPI100316 $15.58
Gear Box Set Firestorm

HPI100317 $5.98
Shock Cap & Preload Collar Set Firestorm

HPI100318 $7.18
Shock Parts Set Firestorm

HPI100321 $14.38
Shock Tower Set Firestorm

HPI100326 $10.78
Body Mount Set Firestorm

HPI100328 $5.98
Shock Piston & Ball Set Firestorm

HPI100550 $7.18
M5x8mm Binder Pan Head Head Cap Screws (10)

HPI100551 $3.58
Locknut M2.5 (4)

HPI100554 $3.58
Set Screw M3x14mm (4)

HPI100555 $3.58
M4x3mm Set Screws (4)

HPI100558 $4.78
Button Head Screw M3x4mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI100559 $4.78
Button Head Screw M3x14mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI100560 $5.98
Button Head Screw M3x16mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI100620 $9.58
Ultra 7 Wheels Yellow 30mm Brama 10b RTR (2)

HPI100622 $9.58
Ultra 7 Wheels Orange 30mm Brama 10b RTR (2)

HPI100623 $9.58
Ultra 7 Wheels Orng 35mm Brama 10b RTR (2)

HPI100864 $8.38
Button Head Screw M2.5x4mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI100903 $55.18
Motor Mount Plate 8mm Gray

HPI100907 $31.18
Motor Mount Brace 7x7x80mm Gray (2)

HPI100908 $61.18
Battery Box Set Right/Left

HPI100914 $19.18
Pinion Gear 15t 1m/5mm Shaft Svg Flux

HPI100915 $19.18
Pinion Gear 16t 1m/5mm Shaft Svg Flux

HPI100948 $5.98
Shock Body Set 113-157mm

HPI100949 $11.98
Shock Parts Set

HPI100950 $21.58
Shock Shaft 3.5x90mm

HPI100961 $7.18
Shock Cap Set

HPI101002 $4.78
Shaped Exhaust Gasket 21 Size Black 2

HPI101003 $8.38
Shock Bladder (4)

HPI101004 $5.98
Shim 13x16x0.2mm (10)

HPI101009 $16.78
Stone Guard

HPI101010 $5.98
Front Bumper

HPI101011 $8.38
Diff Fixing Plate

HPI101012 $11.98
Front/Rear Suspension Arm Set

HPI101015 $8.38
HPI Racing Rear Wheels Hub Left/Right

HPI101016 $13.18
Differential Case

HPI101017 $14.38
Lower Suspension Arm Set Front/Rear

HPI101019 $4.78
Front Pins for Upper Suspension

HPI101020 $5.98
Rear Pins for Lower Suspension

HPI101021 $4.78
Front Pins for Lower Suspension

HPI101022 $4.78
Rear Pins for Lower Suspension

HPI101023 $4.78
Turnbuckle 4x40mm

HPI101024 $4.78
Rear Upper Turnbuckle 5x51mm

HPI101025 $7.18
Front Upper Turnbuckle 5x26mm

HPI101026 $10.78
Differential Housing

HPI101028 $5.98
Differential Pads

HPI101029 $8.38
Differential Shaft

HPI101030 $4.78
O-Ring 6mm

HPI101033 $22.78
Exhaust Manifold Set

HPI101034 $32.38
Stainless Center Gear 46T

HPI101035 $34.78
44T Stainless Center Gear

HPI101036 $32.38
Stainless Center Gear 43t

HPI101037 $16.78
Clutch Bell 13t

HPI101038 $27.58
Bevel Gear 13t

HPI101039 $4.78
Air Filter Connector Black

HPI101042 $5.98
Dust-Proof Cover

HPI101043 $4.78
Shock Holder Pin

HPI101047 $10.78
Racing Clutch Shoe (2)

HPI101048 $3.58
Clutch Springs

HPI101050 $3.58
Screw 3x20mm

HPI101051 $9.58
Disk Brake Plate

HPI101052 $8.38
Brake Pads

HPI101053 $3.58
Screw 3x14mm

HPI101055 $7.18
Air Cleaner Cover, Black

HPI101056 $19.18
Receiver Box, Trophy Buggy 3.5

HPI101058 $4.78
Steering Parts

HPI101059 $4.78
Steering Holders

HPI101060 $11.98
Front Wheels Axle Shafts

HPI101063 $7.18
Output Joint

HPI101064 $17.98
Center Shaft 90mm

HPI101065 $9.58
Center Shaft 94mm

HPI101066 $13.18
Center Diff Axle Shaft

HPI101067 $63.58
Universal Joint Trophy Buggy

HPI101075 $10.78
Steering Arm Left & Right Trophy

HPI101080 $4.78
Ball for Steering Pushrod

HPI101082 $3.58
Shaft 3x17mm

HPI101084 $5.98
Fixing Ball for Upper Suspension

HPI101085 $5.98
Fixing Ball for Rear Suspension

HPI101088 $7.18
Servo Steering Pushrod

HPI101089 $4.78
Tune Pipe Holder Set

HPI101092 $10.78
Front Shock Rebuild Kit

HPI101093 $10.78
Rear Shock Rebuild Kit

HPI101094 $13.18
Rear Stabilizer Set

HPI101095 $8.38
Screw Set (28)

HPI101096 $28.78
Screw Set B

HPI101097 $13.18

HPI101099 $8.38
Brake Cam Set

HPI101100 $9.58
Suspension Holder Std.

HPI101102 $11.98
Servo Saver Trophy

HPI101103 $7.18
Front Steering Fixing Parts

HPI101104 $11.98
Front Chassis Anti-Bending Rod

HPI101105 $13.18
Rear Chassis Brace, Trophy Buggy

HPI101106 $14.38
Shock Top/End Set

HPI101107 $7.18
Screw/Ball Front Upper Arms

HPI101108 $7.18
Steering Servo Mounts/Transponder Support

HPI101110 $5.98
Foam Body Washer (10)

HPI101112 $20.38
Front Holder for Differential Gear/Woven Graphite, Trophy 3.5/4.

HPI101113 $40.78
Upper Chassis/Woven Graphite, Trophy 3.5/4.6 Opt

HPI101116 $70.00
Big Bore Shock Set 112mm (2)

HPI101128 $32.38
Rear Centre Universal Driveshaft Trophy 3.5 Bugg

HPI101145 $11.98
Front Stabilizer Set

HPI101155 $19.18
Receiver Box, Trophy Truggy 4.6

HPI101157 $33.58
Shredder Tires Truggy - pair

HPI101160 $8.38
Differential Case Bullet

HPI101163 $14.38
Front Roll Bar Set 3mm

HPI101164 $9.44
Front Hub Carriers

HPI101168 $8.38
Center Diff Mount

HPI101169 $5.98
Rear Brace Chassis Mount 2

HPI101170 $11.98
Rear Brace Bulkhead Mount

HPI101171 $7.18
Rear Brace Screws

HPI101172 $19.18
Bumper Set Truggy

HPI101173 $5.98
Camber Link Ball Ends

HPI101175 $10.78
Servo Mounting Parts

HPI101176 $15.58
Front/Rear Suspension Arm Truggy

HPI101178 $87.58
Aluminum Chassis 6065 Truggy

HPI101179 $13.18
Steering Link Turnbuckle 83mm (2)

HPI101180 $13.18
Camber Link Turnbuckle 2

HPI101181 $17.98
Rear Axle

HPI101183 $10.78
Center Roll Bar Set

HPI101184 $10.78
Black Shock Spring (2)

HPI101188 $33.58
Center Spur Gear 50T

HPI101189 $7.18
Body Mount Set Truggy

HPI101190 $11.98
Hex/Pin Set 17mm (4)

HPI101191 $27.58
Spiral Input Gear 10 Tooth

HPI101192 $32.38
Spiral Diff Gear 43T

HPI101193 $4.78
Brake Adjuster 2

HPI101199 $15.58
Racing Clutch Shoes (3 pieces)

HPI101201 $2.38
Racing Clutch Springs (3)

HPI101205 $8.38
Diff Case 5x25x16.5mm SXS

HPI101206 $7.18
Center Diff Housing Set

HPI101208 $13.18
Front Upright Set Left/Right WR8 Bullet

HPI101209 $8.38
Front Hub Carriers Left/Right 10 Degrees

HPI101210 $10.78
Chassis Brace Set

HPI101211 $11.98
Rod End Set

HPI101212 $17.98
Shock Parts Set

HPI101213 $14.38
Suspension Arm Set - Bullet

HPI101214 $9.58
Steering Crank Set

HPI101215 $9.58
Bevel Gear 40T Savage XS/Bullet

HPI101216 $5.98
Bevel Gear 13T Savage XS/Bullet

HPI101217 $5.98
Center Diff Plate Orange

HPI101218 $8.38
Radio Tray Bullet MT/ST Orange

HPI101220 $4.78
Front Lower Arm Brace Orange

HPI101221 $4.78
Diff Case Gasket (3)

HPI101222 $4.78
Shock Bladder (4)

HPI101223 $5.98
Servo Saver Posts 5x35mm

HPI101224 $11.98
Servo Saver Set

HPI101225 $4.78
Ball 5.8x5mm (5)

HPI101226 $5.98
Steering Nut 3mm (4) WR8

HPI101227 $7.18
Flange Pipe (4)

HPI101228 $11.98
Axle 5x40mm (2) Savage Xs

HPI101229 $10.78
Gear Shaft 5x29mm (2)

HPI101230 $10.78
Differential Shaft 5x23.5mm (2)

HPI101231 $7.18
Cup Joint Front 4.5x18.5mm

HPI101232 $7.18
Cup Joint Rear 4.5x18mm Bullet Mt/St

HPI101233 $9.58
Slipper Gear Shaft 6x43.5mm

HPI101234 $7.18
Drive Shaft 6x72mm

HPI101235 $13.18
Drive Shaft 6x83mm

HPI101236 $14.38
Heavy Duty Drive Shaft 6x84mm

HPI101237 $5.98
Turnbuckle M3.5x25mm (2)

HPI101239 $3.58
Pin 1.7x11mm

HPI101240 $9.58
Shock Shaft 3x52mm

HPI101241 $8.36
Slipper Clutch Hub Front

HPI101242 $10.78
Slipper Clutch Hub Rear

HPI101243 $3.58
Slipper Clutch Spring 7x9x1.7mm 3 Coils

HPI101244 $7.18
Spring 13.5x63x1.2mm 11coils

HPI101246 $3.58
Tp Button Head Screw M3 19mm

HPI101247 $4.78
Exhaust Gaskets

HPI101249 $3.58
Tp Button Head Screw M2.6x14mm

HPI101250 $5.98
Slipper Clutch Pad

HPI101251 $8.38

HPI101253 $5.98
Stand Off Balls 5.8x14mm (5)

HPI101256 $47.98
Tuned Pipe Set

HPI101257 $5.98
Air Filter Set, Bullet Mt/St 3.0

HPI101258 $17.98
Clutch Bell 12t

HPI101265 $28.78
Exhaust Header Set

HPI101270 $49.18
CVD Shaft Set Bullet 3.0

HPI101272 $22.78
Throttle Slide Drum

HPI101273 $3.58
TP Flat Head Screw M2.6x12mm (12)

HPI101275 $13.18
Mid Range Needle Valve W/O-Rings

HPI101277 $87.58
Slide Carburetor W/2 O-Rings G3.0

HPI101285 $10.78
Pinion 10T Bullet Flux

HPI101293 $10.78
Body Mount Set Bullet Series

HPI101294 $9.58
Shock Body Set (2)

HPI101295 $15.00
Front Bumper Set

HPI101296 $13.18
Rear Bumper Set

HPI101297 $17.98
Support Parts Set

HPI101298 $11.98
Diff Gear Set

HPI101300 $4.78
Rear Inner Suspension Shaft 3x56.3mm (2)

HPI101301 $5.98
Differential Shaft Set

HPI101302 $4.78
Front Outer Suspension Shaft 3x25mm (2)

HPI101303 $4.78
Rear Outer Suspension Shaft 3x35.3mm (2)

HPI101305 $5.98
Wheels Spacer Set (4)

HPI101306 $10.78
Shock Tower (2)

HPI101307 $31.18
Bullet MT Tires (2)

HPI101308 $34.78
Ammunition Tires Bullet MT (2)

HPI101312 $15.58
Radio Tray Rx+Battery and Battery Lid, Bullet Flux

HPI101313 $7.18
Servo Arm, Radio Tray Post, Radio Tray Lid Receiver , Bullet Flu

HPI101314 $7.18
Servo Top Deck Bullet Flux

HPI101315 $7.18
Center Top Deck Bullet Flux

HPI101316 $65.98
Chassis Bullet Flux

HPI101317 $15.58
Center Bulkhead Bullet Flux

HPI101337 $9.00
Front Steering Brace

HPI101412 $33.58
Rear Center Universal Driveshaft (Trophy 4.6)

HPI101439 $19.18
HPI Trecker Tires Med S (2)

HPI101662 $13.18
Esc Plate/Steering Bellcrank Bullet Flux

HPI101664 $10.78
Center Shaft Rear 110mm Trophy Buggy

HPI101670 $63.58
HPI Racing Chassis 6061 Gunmetal Trophy Buggy Flux

HPI101671 $8.38
Steering Holder Adapter

HPI101672 $9.58
Steering Holder Reinforcement

HPI101673 $7.18
Center Differential Plate Trophy Flux Series (Orange)

HPI101674 $11.98
Motor Mount

HPI101712 $184.78
Flux Rage 1/8 80amp brushless Esc

HPI101713 $173.98
Flux Scream 1/8 1965 Kv brushless Motor

HPI101747 $82.78
Slide Carb Complete Gunmetal (7.5mm/Composit)

HPI101748 $41.98
Slide Carburetor Main Body, Gunmetal Composite for 3.5

HPI101751 $5.98
Shock Spacer Set Trophy Series

HPI101752 $16.78
Shock Caps Orange Trophy Series (4)

HPI101754 $10.78
St. Holder Reinforcement Plate Trophy Orange

HPI101755 $5.98
Rear Suspension Holder 6061 Trophy Buggy Orange

HPI101756 $5.98
Front Suspension Holder 6061 Trophy Buggy Orange

HPI101758 $11.98
Upper Chassis 6061 Trophy Series Orange

HPI101759 $10.78
Flywheel (for 2 pieces Shoe) Trophy Series Orange

HPI101760 $7.18
Stone Fuel Filter (L) Gun Metal

HPI101761 $7.18
Stone Fuel Filter Small , Black, Trophy 3.5/4.6 Opt

HPI101770 $32.38
Aluminum Front Chassis Anti Bending Rod Trophy

HPI101772 $8.38
Cnc Tuned Pipe Mount, Trophy 3.5/4.6 Series Black Opt

HPI101774 $11.98
Rear Chassis Brace Trophy Truggy Black

HPI101775 $55.18
Shock Set Truggy (2) Trophy 4.6/Flux

HPI101776 $17.98
Shock Tower Trophy Truggy Black

HPI101783 $10.78
Shock Spring Front Black Trophy Buggy

HPI101784 $10.78
Shock Spring Rear Black Trophy Buggy

HPI101785 $11.98
Hex Wheels Adapters 5mm Orange/Black Trophy Buggy

HPI101786 $7.18
1/8 Waterproof Air Filter Foam Elements

HPI101787 $19.18
Rear Shock Tower 4mm Black Trophy Buggy

HPI101788 $19.18
Front Shock Tower 4mm Black Trophy Buggy

HPI101790 $52.78
Rear Shock Set Trophy Buggy 2

HPI101792 $11.98
17mm Hex Wheel Adapters (6.7mm) Trophy Buggy Orange

HPI101793 $37.18
Rear Shock Tower, 4mm 7075, Black Trophy Buggy Opt

HPI101794 $37.18
Front Shock Tower 4mm 7075, Black Trophy Buggy Opt

HPI101795 $35.98
Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace Black Trophy Buggy Opt

HPI101797 $77.98
Chassis 6061 Trophy Truggy Flux Gunmetal

HPI101798 $14.38
Steering Linkage Turnbuckle Truggy Flux 2

HPI101800 $10.78
Center Rear Driveshaft Trophy Truggy Flux

HPI101801 $7.18
Center Gearbox Mounting Plate Truggy Flux Orange

HPI101802 $4.78
Wire Guide Trophy Truggy Flux

HPI101803 $14.38
Steering Linkage Turnbuckle Buggy Flux (2)

HPI101804 $4.78
Steering Ball Link Washer Trophy Flux (2)

HPI101806 $47.98
Trimmed/Painted Trophy Buggy Flux RTR Body

HPI101808 $52.78
Trimmed/Painted TT Flux 2.4GHZ RTR Body

HPI101827 $13.18
1/8 Waterproof Air Filter Trophy Nitro

HPI101831 $14.38
Bullet Nitro Water Resistant Air Filter Set

HPI101850 $979.98
Vorza Flux 2.4 RTR brushless rc car

HPI101929 $32.00
Plazma nimh 6c 7.2v 2000mah

HPI101950 $4.78
Male Gold Plated Connector 1 Pr

HPI101952 $8.38
Male Gold Connectors 6.0mm Dia 3pcs

HPI101953 $4.78
Female Gold Connectors 6.0mm Dia 3 pieces

HPI102089 $8.38
Foam Sheet/Block Set (4)

HPI102093 $47.98
H/D Spur Gear 44t Svg Flux Hp

HPI102155 $23.98
Shock Adjuster Nut 20mm Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0 (2)

HPI102156 $47.98
Front Hex Hub 24mm Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0 (2)

HPI102158 $8.38
Rear Lower Brace A 6x70x4mm Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0

HPI102159 $8.38
Front Upper Brace 6x60x4mm Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0

HPI102161 $21.58
Gear Plate Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0

HPI102162 $7.18
Brake Holder Plate Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0

HPI102166 $9.58
Spacer 5x12x11mm Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0

HPI102170 $40.78
Front Upper Plate Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0

HPI102171 $8.38
Brake Disk Fin Plate Gunmetal Baja 2.0

HPI102174 $13.18
Spacer Set Clutch Bell Holder Gunmetal Baja 2.0

HPI102214 $23.98
Joint 7x82mm Gunmetal Baja 5b 2.0 (2)

HPI102244 $39.58
High Speed Idler Gear 39t Shaft Set

HPI102279 $19.18
Crawler Motor 55t

HPI102365 $85.18
Big Bore Sport Shock Set Assmld/Svg

HPI102522 $5.98
Heavy Duty Servo Saver Spring 21x12x1.9mm

HPI102526 $20.38
Roll Cage Set Savage XL

HPI102614 $37.30
Sfl-30mg Digital Servo Gear Set

HPI102692 $55.18
Diff Bevel Gear 29t/9t Set Svgxl Flux (102246)

HPI102765 $16.12
HPI Sf-20 Servo Gear Set

HPI102815 $9.00
Front Chassis High Nose Type

HPI102818 $14.38
Motor Mount Set

HPI102819 $13.18
Servo Saver/Friction Plate Set

HPI102821 $8.38
Steering Knuckle Set

HPI102822 $15.58
Spur Gear/Diff Gear Set 75t/87t/48p

HPI102823 $5.98
Plastic Bushing Set Formula Ten

HPI102847 $3.58
Tp Button Head Screw M3x20mm (6)

HPI103037 $13.18
St-8 Wheels Matte chrome 0mm Offset (2)

HPI103039 $13.18
St-8 Wheel Black 0mm/Offset (2)

HPI103045 $9.58
Gear Box Set

HPI103201 $11.98
Rear Skid Plate/Bumper Set

HPI103211 $13.18
Motor Mount Set

HPI103323 $9.58
Front Chassis Brace Blitz

HPI103326 $11.98
Rear Brace Set Blitz

HPI103327 $15.58
Body Mount Set Blitz

HPI103363 $7.18
Step Screw 3.2x14mm Blitz (10)

HPI103364 $9.58
Bumper Shaft 3x5x42mm Blitz (2)

HPI103365 $23.98
Main Chassis Blitz

HPI103367 $10.78
Step Screw 3x25mm Blitz (2)

HPI103368 $4.78
Axle Spacer 5x7x1.45mm Blitz (2)

HPI103369 $5.98
Turnbuckle M3x60mm Black Blitz (2)

HPI103374 $14.38
Motor Plate 3.0mm 7075/Gray Blitz

HPI103375 $8.38
Top Shaft 5x48mm Blitz

HPI103400 $10.78
Gear Diff Bevel Gear Set 10t/13t Blitz

HPI103409 $8.38
Pom cartridge Washer 3x6x0.5mm (8)

HPI103441 $48.38
Shock Color Parts Set Dark Brown Anodized

HPI103622 $5.04
TP Flat Head Screw M2x5mm (10)

HPI103661 $20.38
Motor Mount Set

HPI103662 $110.38
Main Chassis 4.0mm (7075s)

HPI103663 $7.18
Cup Joint 5x13x20mm

HPI103664 $8.38
Drive Shaft 8x83mm

HPI103668 $9.58
Brace & Stiffener Set

HPI103671 $5.98
Flanged Locknut M3 (10)

HPI103672 $5.98
TP Button Head Screw M3x6mm Hex Socket (8)

HPI103673 $5.98
Tp Flanged Screw M3x18mm Hex Socket (8)

HPI103674 $10.78
Radio Box Set

HPI103675 $20.38
Battery Holder Set

HPI103676 $11.98
Esc Tray Set

HPI103678 $11.98
V7 Wheel White 42x83mm (2)

HPI103679 $14.50
V7 Wheels chrome 42x83mm (2)

HPI103680 $5.98
Wire Guide Vorza Flux

HPI103681 $5.98
Front Shock Protecter (2)

HPI103682 $5.98
Battery Strap 25x270mm (2)

HPI103908 $16.78
Serrated Flange Nut M4x10.8mm Blitz (4)

HPI103994 $4.78
Switch Mount Plate

HPI104120 $11.98
Aluminum Thin Locknut M3 Orange (10)

HPI104123 $4.78
Servo Saver Foam W/Adjust Nut (2)

HPI104144 $8.38
Center Drive Shaft Set

HPI104156 $13.18
Steering Crank Set

HPI104726 $7.18
Silicone O-Ring 5x9x2mm (10)

HPI104779 $19.18
Rear Bumper Brace Set A

HPI104780 $13.18
Mud Flap Mount Set Baja 5sc

HPI104781 $20.38
Rear Hub Carrier

HPI104782 $31.18
Bumper Set

HPI104960 $25.18
Rear Bumper Brace Set B

HPI104964 $4.78
Set Screw M5x8mm (4)

HPI104967 $49.18
Super Heavy Duty Drive Axle 25x70mm (2)

HPI104969 $15.58
Mud Flap Set Baja 5sc (2)

HPI104971 $45.58
Tr-10 Rear Wheel Black 120x65mm/-10mm Offset(2)

HPI105277 $31.18
Main Chassis Set

HPI105284 $14.38
Gear Box Set Savage Xs

HPI105289 $10.78
Suspension Arm Set

HPI105292 $11.98
Upright Set Savage Xs

HPI105296 $10.78
Shock Parts Set Savage XS

HPI105298 $15.58
Bumper/Skid Plate Set

HPI105300 $10.78
Steering Arm/Servo Saver Set

HPI105305 $9.58
Motor Plate 2.5mm Savage Xs

HPI105308 $11.98
Center Gearbox Set

HPI105310 $13.18
Bulkhead/ESC Mount Set

HPI105312 $17.98
Shock Tower/Body Mount/Roll Bar Set Svg XS

HPI105373 $37.30
HPI Sf-50wp Servo Gear Set

HPI105381 $103.18
Racing TF-40 3-Channel 2.4GHz Transmitter

HPI105429 $13.18
HPI TF-45 Grip Small/Large

HPI105503 $22.78
Main Chassis/Gear Box Set Recon

HPI105504 $16.78
Alum Center Drive Shaft/Mtr Mnt Set Reco

HPI105507 $27.58
SM-1 Micro Servo Mini Recon

HPI105508 $27.58
Hardware/Tool Set Recon

HPI105510 $28.78
Racing Shock Tower/Body Post/Top Deck Set Recon

HPI105511 $31.18
Ball Bearing Set Recon

HPI105512 $13.18
Suspension Linkage Set Recon

HPI105513 $26.38
Drive Shaft/Axle Set Recon (2)

HPI105514 $14.38
Front Suspension Arm Set Recon

HPI105515 $13.18
Rear Suspension Arm Set Recon

HPI105516 $23.98
Bumper/Toe-In Plate Set Recon

HPI105517 $16.78
Steering Servo Mount/Servo Saver Set Recon

HPI105521 $17.98
Spur Gear Set (2) Pinion Gear Set (3) Recon

HPI105526 $33.58
Squad One Precut Painted/Decaled Body Recon

HPI105591 $14.38
Shock Cap Set

HPI105600 $4.78
Shock Body Set (4)

HPI105612 $47.98
Hd Front Hex Hub 24mm Gunmetal (2)

HPI105658 $4.78
Flange Shaft 3x35mm (2)

HPI105673 $7.18
Arm Brace A 41x3mm

HPI105675 $7.00
Rear Arm Brace B 44.6x3mm Savage Xs

HPI105677 $9.00
Front Lower Chassis Brace 1.5mm

HPI105679 $7.18
Rear Lower Chassis Brace 1.5mm

HPI105690 $25.18
Battery Cover/receiver Case Set Savage Xs

HPI105809 $13.18
Idler Gear 32t-60t

HPI105811 $5.98
Drive Gear 49t

HPI105891 $8.38
Upper Arm Brace 4x54x3mm (Orange/2 pieces)

HPI105892 $11.98
Bulkhead Lower Plate 2.5mm (Orange)

HPI105894 $11.98
Steering Post 12x47mm (Orange)

HPI105896 $19.18
Engine Plate 2.5mm (7075/Orange)

HPI106187 $9.58
Clutch Shoe Spring Tool

HPI106188 $14.38
MK.8 V2 Wheels Black 4.5mm Offset (2)

HPI106189 $14.38
MK.8 V2 Wheel Matte Chrome 4.5mm Offset (2)

HPI106285 $37.18
Racing Front Skid Plate Set

HPI106288 $29.00
Rear Skid Plate Set

HPI106309 $31.18
Roll Bar/ESC Mount Set

HPI106338 $43.18
Axle Set For #101182 Universal Driveshafts

HPI106406 $7.18
Center Shaft 5x54mm

HPI106408 $21.58
Wheely Bar Set

HPI106427 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M3x40mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI106429 $4.78
Cap Head Screw M3x33mm (10)

HPI106431 $4.78
Cap Head Screw M3x36mm (10)

HPI106433 $7.18
Cap Head Screw M3x58mm (10)

HPI106435 $7.18
Cap Head Screw M3x64mm (10)

HPI106437 $8.38
Cup Joint 5x10x15mm

HPI106439 $8.38
Cup Joint 5x10x19mm

HPI106607 $25.58
Thin Pinion Gear 18 Tooth

HPI106633 $7.18
Shock Cap 12xm13x0.8mm Orange Grooved (2)

HPI106712 $10.78
E-Clip Eliminator Suspension Shaft Set

HPI106716 $4.78
Rubber Bump Stop 3x8.5x4mm (8)

HPI106719 $7.18
Spring 13x69x1.1mm 10 Coils Red (2)

HPI106720 $4.78
Slipper Nut 10mm/Spring Set

HPI106721 $4.78
Step Screw M3x20mm Hex Socket (4)

HPI106730 $49.18
Center Universal Drive Shaft Set Front/Rear

HPI106731 $31.18
Sway Bar Set Front/Rear Savage Xs

HPI106743 $25.18
Battery Box Holder/Mount Set

HPI106772 $10.78
Hre C90 Wheel 26mm Green 6mm Offset (2)

HPI106838 $17.98
Motor Mount Set Left/Right Orange

HPI106888 $3.58
Foam Sheet 5x25x110mm (2)

HPI106889 $7.18
Foam Spacer 7x2.5mm (8)

HPI106896 $31.18
TR-10 Glue-Lock Wheel Black 120x60mm (2)

HPI106990 $3.58
Paper Banner 1.19m X 0.84m

HPI107014 $695.98
Trophy 4.6 Truggy RTR

HPI107016 $729.98
Trophy Buggy Flux RTR

HPI107018 $779.98
Trophy Truggy Flux RTR

HPI107154 $3.58
Binder Head Screw M2.5x12 (10)

HPI107156 $9.58
Front Suspension Block Plastic/Front

HPI107159 $1.90
HPI107159 Exhaust Pipe Mount Plastic

HPI107162 $10.78
Engine Mount, for the D8s Roto Start

HPI107174 $28.00
Apache C1 Cockpit Clear

HPI107182 $3.58
Window Sticker, Small, W/ Hpi Logo Double Sided

HPI107184 $4.78
Ceiling Hanger, W/ Hpi Logo

HPI1072 $3.58
Connector Tamiya Plug Micro RS4

HPI107225 $148.78
Plazma LiPo 14.8V 5100mAh 40C

HPI107322 $41.98
Mini GT-1 Truck Painted Body Black/Gray

HPI107364 $11.98
Servo Mount for the Wheely King

HPI107365 $34.78
Big Bore Sport Shock Set 97mm (2)

HPI107366 $9.58
Servo Turnbuckle Set

HPI107367 $7.18
4&5 Hole Shock Piston Set 1.2/1.3/1.4mm

HPI107374 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M2.5x6mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI107375 $4.78
M2.5x10mm FHCS Flat Head Cap Screws Hex Socket (10)

HPI107378 $85.18
Main Chassis 4mm

HPI107379 $20.38
Pivot Plate 3 Degree

HPI107382 $9.58
Drive Shaft 129mm

HPI107385 $17.98
Front Bumper Set

HPI107386 $11.98
Stone Guard Set

HPI107387 $9.58
Chassis Stiffener Set

HPI107388 $9.58
Body Mount Set

HPI107389 $25.18
Spare Wheel Set, for the Apache C1

HPI107390 $21.58
Front Suspension Arm Set

HPI107392 $14.38
Esc Tray Set

HPI107393 $17.98
Rear Bumper Set

HPI107394 $10.78
Tie Rod Set

HPI107395 $10.78
Tube Frame Struts/Body Mounts

HPI107396 $7.18
Number Plate Set

HPI107397 $51.58
Tube Frame Set

HPI107423 $71.98
Main Chassis, 4mm, for the Apache Sc

HPI107424 $9.58
Drive Shaft 159mm

HPI107425 $5.98
Mud Flap Set (2)

HPI107426 $9.58
Chassis Stiffener Set

HPI107427 $21.58
Rear Bumper Set

HPI107445 $47.98
Turnbuckle Set Apache C1/SC

HPI107447 $32.38
Center Drive Shaft Set Front

HPI107448 $32.38
Center Drive Shaft Set Rear

HPI107449 $32.38
Center Drive Shaft Set Rer Apache Sc

HPI107454 $20.38
Heavy-Duty Ceramic Slipper Clutch (2)

HPI107460 $9.58
Drive Shaft 6x80mm TSC

HPI107544 $52.78
Universal Drive Shaft Set WR8 55mm (2)

HPI107825 $69.58
Crankcase, G3.0 High Output, for the Nitro Star

HPI107826 $101.98
Cylinder, Piston, and Connecting Rod Set, G3.0 High Output, for

HPI107828 $33.58
Pullstart 14mm Hex G/F Series

HPI107829 $23.98
One-Way Bearing 14mm Hex Pullstart/Rotostart

HPI107855 $23.98
Ah-64 Wheel Black/Orange 42x83mm (2)

HPI107874 $11.98
Drive Shaft 56mm WR8 Flux 2

HPI107875 $13.18
Axle Shaft WR8 Flux 2

HPI107879 $71.98
Gunmetal Main Chassis, for the Wr8 3mm

HPI107880 $5.98
Drive Shaft 105mm WR8 Flux

HPI107882 $7.18
Stone Guard Set WR8 Flux

HPI107883 $10.78
Sway Bar Holder Set WR8 Flux

HPI107884 $10.78
Flywheel, for the Wr8 2 Pin

HPI107885 $4.78
Turnbuckle M3x21mm WR8 Flux 2

HPI107886 $3.58
Suspension Shaft 3x24.5 WR8 Flux (4)

HPI107887 $7.18
Shock Tower Set Front/Rear WR8 Flux

HPI107890 $3.58
Caphead Screw M2.5x10mm WR8 Flux 10

HPI107891 $3.58
M2.5x14mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (10)

HPI107892 $22.78
Clutch Bell, 15 Tooth, for the Wr8

HPI107893 $3.58
Body Clip (10)

HPI107894 $3.58
M3x22mm BHCS Button Head Cap Screws (10)

HPI107895 $3.58
Button Head Screw M3x25mm (10)

HPI107900 $14.38
Rear Suspension Arm Set

HPI107902 $10.78
Front Bumper Set WR8 Flux

HPI107903 $7.18
Body Post Set WR8 Flux

HPI107904 $7.18
Rear Body Mount WR8 Flux

HPI107906 $22.78
Slipper Hub 10x33mm (TSC)

HPI107970 $9.58
WR8 Rally Off-Road Wheels Black 48x33mm (2)

HPI107972 $9.58
WR8 Tarmac Wheels Black 2.2 inch 57x35mm (2)

HPI108020 $16.78
Aluminum Locking Hex Wheel Hub 12mm (4)

HPI108021 $41.98
Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier Set 0 Degree

HPI108022 $33.58
Aluminum Front Upper Brace Hard Anodized

HPI108024 $31.18
Aluminum Rear Brace

HPI108071 $14.38
Orange Aluminum Bottom Shock Cap, for the Savage Xs 2pcs

HPI108072 $10.78
Orange Aluminum Shock Adjuster, for the Savage Xs 2pcs

HPI108073 $23.98
Gunmetal Aluminum Shock Body Set, for the Savage Xs 2pcs

HPI108074 $8.38
Steel Steering Turnbuckle Set

HPI108077 $85.18
Alloy C Hubs Bullet ST Flux

HPI108078 $57.58
Aluminum Knuckles (2) Bullet ST Flux

HPI108090 $3.58
Washer 5x8x0.3mm (10)

HPI108246 $15.58
Motor Mount Set WR8 Flux

HPI108248 $7.18
Center Diff Plate Orange WR8 Flux

HPI108251 $8.38
ESC Tray Set WR8 Flux

HPI108253 $7.18
Servo Mount WR8 Flux

HPI108257 $65.98
Main Chassis Gunmetal 3mm WR8 Flux

HPI108261 $10.78
Waterproof Receiver Box WR8 Flux

HPI108267 $10.78
Pinion Gear 15 Tooth 1M/3mm Shaft WR8 Flux

HPI108269 $10.78
Pinion Gear 17T

HPI108315 $4.78
Shock Shaft 3X32.3mm (2 pieces)

HPI108709 $4.78
Button Head Screw, M6x18mm, 4.0mm Hex Socket Size 6pcs

HPI108934 $15.58
Roll Bar Set for the Savage XL

HPI108938 $23.98
Radio Box Set, for the Savage Xl

HPI108940 $50.38
TVP Chassis Right Gray 3mm Octane

HPI108942 $50.38
TVP Chassis Left Gray 3mm Octane

HPI108944 $35.98
Fuel Tank Set Octane

HPI108946 $11.98
Steering Servo Set Octane

HPI108948 $29.98
Throttle Servo Saver Set Octane

HPI108950 $16.78
Idler Shaft 6x8x48mm Octane

HPI108956 $35.98
Engine Plate Gray 4mm Octane

HPI108960 $21.58
Clutch Bell 14Tx33x20mm Octane

HPI108962 $21.58
Clutch Bell 15 Tooth 33x20mm for the Savage XL

HPI109013 $10.78
Center Bulkhead Brace Woven Graphite/2mm

HPI109024 $10.78
Brake Pad Cam Mount/Brake Cam/Piston Set Octane

HPI109040 $8.38
Drive Gear 24 Tooth 3 Speed Octane

HPI109044 $9.58
Drive Gear 30 Tooth 3 Speed Octane

HPI109046 $13.18
Idler Gear 38 Tooth 3 Speed Octane

HPI109052 $11.98
Idler Gear 32 Tooth 3 Speed Octane

HPI109258 $148.78
Carburetor WT-668 Octane GT15C

HPI109289 $30.00
Back Plate W/ O-Rings and Screw Set, for the G3.0 Ho

HPI109426 $27.58
Wheelie Bar E-Firestorm

HPI109448 $17.98
Center Gear Box Set Octane

HPI109746 $5.98
Ken Block Battery Strap for the Wr8 2 pieces

HPI109784 $7.18
Exhaust Spring .9x5x13mm Octane

HPI109786 $14.38
Roll Bar Parts/Tank Mount Set Octane

HPI109847 $5.98
Plastic Spacer Set for the Vorza Flux

HPI109858 $17.98
Drive Shaft 92mm

HPI109866 $34.78
Flywheel 9.6x43x16mm Quadra Assembled Octane

HPI109904 $50.00
Engine Mount Set 25x30x78mm Gray Octane

HPI109907 $11.98
Drive Shaft 8x70.5mm Octane

HPI109920 $9.58
HD Center Diff Shaft Front 5x26.5mm

HPI109922 $10.78
HD Cup Joint 5x10x19mm Savage XS

HPI109923 $10.78
HD Cup Joint 5x10x15mm Savage XS

HPI109925 $17.98
HD Gear Shaft 5x29mm WR8 Savage XS/Bullet

HPI109926 $17.98
HD Diff Shaft 5x23.5mm WR8 Savage XS/Bullet

HPI110072 $7.18
Rod End 6x14mm for the Vorza Flux 8 pieces

HPI110144 $5.98
Orange Motor Plate Micro Rs4

HPI110146 $4.78
Diff Pipe 14x20x0.5mm Orange Micro RS4

HPI110211 $5.00
Binder Head Screw, M3x25mm, for the Savage Xl 8pcs

HPI110562 $7.18
Spark Plug Wrench 14mm Octane

HPI110662 $549.98
1/10 Bullet ST Flux brushless 4WD RTR

HPI110721 $8.38
Receiver Ignition Switch Octane

HPI111090 $11.98
Work Meister S1 Wheel Green 3mm Offset (2)

HPI111094 $26.38
Third Gear Cluctch Holder 6x21x5.3mm Octane

HPI111097 $26.38
Second Gear Clutch Holder 6x21x5.3mm Octane

HPI111167 $34.78
Idler Gear 31 Tooth X1M Steel Octane

HPI111298 $3.58
Tp Flanged Screw, M3x15mm, for the Savage Xl 8pcs

HPI111336 $4.78
Button Head Screw, 4-40x8mm, for the Savage Xl 4pcs

HPI111337 $26.38
Thermal Insulator Octane

HPI111340 $243.58
heat sink Head 15cc Octane

HPI111341 $255.58
Cylinder Liner/Piston Set 15cc Octane

HPI111342 $68.38
Connecting Rod 15cc Octane

HPI111343 $284.38
Crankshaft 15cc Octane

HPI111345 $53.98
Recoil Starter Octane

HPI111390 $725.98
Octane 15cc Engine

HPI111392 $5.98
Head Gasket 0.02mm 28x34mm Octane

HPI111605 $62.38
Gunmetal Aluminum Heatsink Head, for the F4.6 V2 Engine

HPI111607 $101.98
Black Crankcase, for the F4.6 V2

HPI111609 $75.58
Black Aluminum Heatsink Head, for the F3.5 V2

HPI111611 $93.58
Black Crankcase, for the F3.5 V2

HPI111790 $13.18
Cooling Fan Unit Set Octane

HPI111800 $28.78
Heavy Duty Spur Gear 47 Tooth 5mm Octane

HPI112387 $257.98
Crankcase 15cc Octane

HPI112388 $3.58
O-Ring, 35x39mm, for the Savage Xl

HPI112389 $10.78
Crankcase Plug 10x12x7.6mm

HPI112494 $92.38
Muffler 19x56x180x11mm Octane

HPI112654 $13.18
Muffler Mount Hanger Wire Set Octane

HPI112811 $15.58
Green RTR Wheel 26mm Width 6mm Offset 2 pieces

HPI112843 $20.00
Rear Ball Bearing, 12x21x5mm, for the 3.0 Engine

HPI112845 $39.58
Orange Heavy Duty Front Hex Hub, 24mm, for the Baja 5b/T 2pcs

HPI112850 $151.18
Flux MMH-4000KV Brushless Motor

HPI112851 $124.78
Flux EMH-3S brushless ESC

HPI112933 $6.00
Cap Head Screw, M5x50mm, for the Savage Xl 2pcs

HPI113002 $10.78
Gunmetal Spacer, 8x12x14mm, for the Savage Xl 4pcs

HPI113089 $7.18
Method Rallycross Wheels Yellow Micro RS4 (4)

HPI113090 $15.58
DY Champion 26mm Wheel Chrome/Bronze 6mm OS (2)

HPI113095 $11.98
Work Meister S1 Wheel Green 26mm 0mm OS (2)

HPI113241 $9.58
Idle Adjust Washer Set, for the Savage Xl

HPI113339 $12.00
Split 8 Truck Wheels White (2) Crawler King

HPI113684 $17.98
Ac 100-240v Multi-Region Charger, 7 Cell Nimh Packs

HPI113694 $51.58
SPORT SHOCK SET (39-49.5mm/4 pieces)

HPI113695 $26.38
Main Chassis RS4 Sport 3

HPI113696 $11.98
Link Set Sport 3

HPI113697 $11.98
Front Suspension Arm Set Sport 3

HPI113698 $11.98
Rear Suspension Arm Set Sport 3

HPI113701 $8.38
Bumper Set Sport 3

HPI113703 $8.38
Shock Tower Front/Rear Sport 3

HPI113704 $9.58
Center Drive Shaft Cover Set Sport 3

HPI113705 $7.18
Spur Gear 75 Tooth

HPI113707 $10.78
Receiver Box Set Sport 3

HPI113708 $10.78
Upright Set Sport 3

HPI113709 $9.58
Spur Gear Hub

HPI113712 $20.38
Steering Post Set Sport 3

HPI113713 $26.38
Drive Shft 45mm Sport 3

HPI113714 $23.98
Axle Shaft 5x33mm (4)

HPI113715 $8.38
Battery Strap Set Sport 3

HPI113716 $10.78
Hinge Pin Set Sport 3

HPI113719 $4.78
M2.5x8mm FHCS Flat Head Cap Screws Hex (10)

HPI114262 $7.18
HPI Racing Firm Foam Tires Set for Q32 (4)

HPI114265 $14.38
High-Speed Gears/Stability Adjustment Q32

HPI114276 $8.38
Super Star Wheel Set Black (4) Q32

HPI114279 $13.18
Super Star Wheel Set Chrome 4 Q32

HPI114283 $10.78
Body/Wing Set Q32

HPI114287 $5.98
Foam Tire Set Soft (4) Q32

HPI114288 $5.98
Button Head Screw M1.7x6mm (20)

HPI114289 $10.78
Main Chassis/Rear Axle Q32

HPI114290 $11.98
Plastic Part Set Q32

HPI114291 $17.00
Hardware Set Q32

HPI114307 $10.78
Shock Shaft 3.0x28mm (4)

HPI1144 $14.38
HPI Racing Saturn Motor 27T Wheely King

HPI114427 $9.58
Shock Body Set (2)

HPI114433 $34.78
Shock Tower Front Carbon Fiber Sport 3

HPI114434 $37.18
Shock Tower Rear Carbon Fiber Sport 3

HPI114586 $3.58
Nut M6, Savage Xl 4pcs

HPI114587 $32.38
Heavy Duty Spur Gear 43 Tooth X5mm Savage XL Opt

HPI114589 $32.38
Heavy Duty Spur Gear 45tx5mm Savage Xl Opt

HPI1146 $17.98
Firebolt 15t 540 Motor

HPI114712 $65.98
SC-3SWP2 Waterproof ESC

HPI114753 $5.98
Shock Cap Bushing Vorza Flux 4 pieces

HPI115287 $8.38
Shock Body Set Front/Rear

HPI115288 $20.38
Sport Shock Set Front (2)

HPI115289 $20.38
Sport Shock Set Rear (2)

HPI115290 $21.58
Differential Outdrive (2)

HPI115291 $16.78
Differential Gear Set (4)

HPI115292 $7.18
Differnetial Case

HPI115295 $15.58
Stub Axle (2)

HPI115296 $4.78
Idle Gear Shaft 5x23mm

HPI115297 $14.38
Top Shaft Set

HPI115299 $8.38
Top Shaft Gear Set 22T

HPI115301 $8.38
Rear Hub Set (2)

HPI115303 $7.18
Camber Link Set (4)

HPI115304 $9.58
Steering Block Set

HPI115306 $5.98
Spur Gear Cover

HPI115307 $17.98
Gear Box Set

HPI115309 $5.98
Kick Up Plate

HPI115310 $7.18
Rear Arm Mount/Skid Plate

HPI115313 $10.78
Front Shock Tower

HPI115315 $28.78
Jump T2.8M Tires (2)

HPI115317 $39.58
TVP Main Chassis Set

HPI115318 $13.18
Slipper Pad Set

HPI115319 $4.78
Slipper Pad (2)

HPI115320 $11.98
Front Suspension Arm Set

HPI115321 $8.38
Rear Suspension Arm Set

HPI115323 $11.98
Motor Screw 3x9mm (4)

HPI115324 $20.38
6-Shot MT Chrome Wheels (2)

HPI115325 $13.18
6-Shot Mt Wheel White 2 pieces Jumpshot Mt

HPI115327 $13.18
6-Shot Mt Wheel Black 2 pieces Jumpshot Mt

HPI115333 $33.58
Jumpshot Mt Body, Clear

HPI115354 $35.98
Motor Plate Gray 4mm

HPI115507 $47.98
Trimmed & Painted Bullet 3.0 ST Body (Black) w/Decals

HPI115508 $47.98
Painted Bullet 3.0MT Body shell

HPI115509 $47.98
Painted Body Bullet Flux ST Body

HPI115516 $37.18
Bullet ST Clear body with Nitro/Flux (BLACK) Decal

HPI115521 $8.00
13x69x1.1mm 10 Coil Springs Green (2)

HPI115530 $10.78
Drive Shaft and Spring Set, 2pcs , Recon

HPI115532 $15.58
Pro-Series Tools, 4x100mm, Flat Blade Screwdriver

HPI115533 $17.98
Pro-Series Tools, 3mm, Phillips Screwdriver

HPI115539 $14.38
Pro-Series Tools, 2.5mm, Hex Driver

HPI115541 $15.58
Pro-Series Tools, 4.0mm, Hex Driver

HPI115546 $32.38
Pro-Series Tools Body Reamer

HPI115549 $9.58
Pro-Series, 2.0mm, Hex Tool Tip, W/ Set Screw

HPI115670 $8.38
Esc Mount, Savage Xs Flux

HPI115757 $219.58
Main Chassis 4mm Gunmetal Baja 5R

HPI115759 $27.58
Rear Shock Mount Plate Baja 5R

HPI115763 $14.38
Rear Hub Carrier Baja 5R

HPI115765 $45.58
ML-8 Wheels Silver 120x60mm (2) Baja 5R

HPI115766 $51.58
ML-8 Wheel Silver 120x75mm (2) Baja 5R

HPI115768 $4.78
Cap Head Screw M5x60mm 2

HPI115967 $519.98
Savage XS Flux Vaughn Gittin Jr 4WD

HPI116015 $9.58
Foam Tire Set Firm 30x14 4 Q32

HPI116024 $8.38
Dish Wheel Set White 22x14 (4) Q32

HPI116025 $7.18
Foam Tire Set Soft 30x14 (4) Q32

HPI116034 $15.58
Driveshaft 46.5mm Sport 3 (2)

HPI116121 $8.38
Foam Tires Set Front/Rear CR 26x10 16x14 (4) Q32

HPI116359 $11.98
Drive Shaft 6x81mm

HPI116362 $11.98
Steering Servo Mount Set

HPI116405 $7.18
Rf-40 Radio Antenna

HPI116442 $29.98
Aluminum Lower Link Set

HPI116517 $10.78
Short Course Front Bumper

HPI116518 $11.98
Short Course Rear Bumper Jumpshot SC

HPI116519 $5.98
Cap Head Screw M3.5x16mm (10)

HPI116520 $37.18
Main Chassis Jumpshot SC

HPI116522 $23.98
Jump TSC Tires (2)

HPI116524 $47.98
Jumpshot Sc Body Clear

HPI116525 $33.58
Tvp Main Chassis Set, for the Jumpshot St

HPI116526 $9.58
Front Skid Plate for the Jumpshot St

HPI116527 $26.38
Jumpshot T2.8ms Tire 2 pieces

HPI116528 $20.38
6-Shot Jumpshot St Wheel Black 2 pieces

HPI116529 $41.98
Jumpshot St Body Painted

HPI116531 $11.98
Tech 7 Wheel Green 52x26mm 6mm Offset 2 pieces

HPI116532 $11.98
Tech 7 Wheel, Green, 52x26mm, 9mm Offset, 2pcs

HPI116579 $22.78
Battery Box V2 Set Jumpshot

HPI116657 $3.58
Collar Set

HPI116704 $50.38
TVP Chassis V2 Aluminum Right/WB 390mm/3mm

HPI116705 $50.38
TVP Chassis V2 Aluminum Left/WB 390mm/3mm

HPI116707 $15.58
Throttle Servo Saver/Spacer Mount Set

HPI116708 $16.78
ESC Mount

HPI116709 $14.38
Receiver Box Set

HPI116717 $17.00
Q32 Formula 1 Body/Wing Clear

HPI116718 $17.98
Q32 Formula 1 Body/Wing Set Blue

HPI116719 $17.98
Q32 Formula 1 Body/Wing Set Red

HPI116736 $21.58
6-Shot Jumpshot St Wheel Chrome 2 pieces

HPI116738 $15.58
6-Shot Jumpshot St Wheel, White, 2pcs

HPI116739 $21.58
8-Shot Jumpshot SC Wheel Chrome (2)

HPI116741 $15.58
8-Shot Jumpshot Sc Wheel White 2 pieces

HPI116840 $17.98
Cr-10 Wheel 1.9mm Black 2 pieces Venture Toyota

HPI116841 $8.38
Rock Rail Set Venture Toyota

HPI116844 $41.98
Suspension Link Set FJ

HPI116845 $7.18
Center Skid Plate FJ

HPI116846 $10.78
Drive Shaft 67mm FJ

HPI116847 $23.98
Center Drive Shaft Set FJ

HPI116848 $14.38
Receiver Box Set Venture Toyota

HPI116849 $3.58
Pin, 1.5x11mm, 10pcs , Venture Toyota

HPI116850 $29.98
Universal Outputs (2) FJ

HPI116851 $17.98
Battery Box Set FJ

HPI116852 $10.78
Front Bumper Set Type 1 FJ

HPI116853 $11.98
Rear Bumper Set Type 1 FJ

HPI116854 $7.18
Button Head Screw, M2.5x12mm, Hex Socket, 10pcs , Venture Toyota

HPI116856 $13.18
Body Post Set Venture Toyota

HPI116857 $26.38
Motor Mount Venture Toyota

HPI116858 $20.38
Front Gear Box FJ

HPI116859 $8.22
Front Gear Box Shaft Set FJ

HPI116860 $13.18
Drive Cup Set Venture Toyota

HPI116861 $8.22
Center Transfer Case FJ Cruiser

HPI116863 $10.78
Transfer Case Shaft Set FJ

HPI116864 $7.18
Button Head Screw, M2.5x20mm, Hex Socket, 10pcs , Venture Toyota

HPI116865 $7.18
Button Head Screw, M2.5x25mm, Hex Socket, 10pcs , Venture Toyota

HPI116866 $7.18
Diff Cover FJ

HPI116867 $20.38
Axle Housing Set FJ

HPI116868 $5.98
Axle Housing End Set Venture Toyota

HPI116869 $9.58
Diff Spool FJ

HPI116870 $11.98
Diff Ring/Input Gear Set (43/13) FJ

HPI116872 $5.98
Panhard Rod/Lower Shock Mount FJ

HPI116873 $23.98
Front Axle Shafts (2) FJ

HPI116874 $23.98
Rear Axle Shaft (2 pieces) Venture Toyota

HPI116875 $16.78
Locking Hex Hub 12mm (4) FJ

HPI116876 $11.98
Front Wheel Axle (2) Fj

HPI116877 $4.78
Axle Output Shaft FJ

HPI116879 $38.38
Chassis Rail Set FJ

HPI116881 $22.78
Steering Link/Panhard Bar Set FJ

HPI116882 $8.38
Flange Bushing, 4pcs , Venture Toyota

HPI116883 $9.58
Steering Arm Set FJ

HPI116884 $14.38
Link Ball, 4pcs , Venture Toyota

HPI116885 $17.98
Steering Flange Ball (4) FJ

HPI116919 $37.18
Q32 Tf-60 Transmitter

HPI117047 $34.78
Shock Parts Set 4 Shocks Venture Toyota

HPI117048 $9.58
Aluminum Threaded Shock Body Venture Toyota

HPI117049 $25.18
Shock Spring Set 4 Shocks Venture Toyota

HPI117050 $64.78
Complete Shock Set 4 Shocks Venture Toyota

HPI117079 $16.78
Option 4-Link Set Option - Venture

HPI117086 $13.18
Axle Weights (12 Grams Ea.)

HPI117110 $65.98
Sc-3swp2 Crawler ESC

HPI117114 $20.38
Crawler Motor 35t Venture Toyota

HPI117180 $30.00
Type M Race Body 190mm

HPI117181 $30.00
Type Mps Race Body 190mm

HPI117262 $151.18
Cylinder/Piston/Connecting Rod Set F5.9

HPI117266 $13.18
Cylinder Gasket for F5.9 Engine 4pcs

HPI117340 $5.98
O-Ring 1.5 X 6.50 (10 pieces) -

HPI117356 $11.98
HPI Rod End Set Option - Venture

HPI117357 $15.58
Aluminum Suspension Link 6 X 93.5mm

HPI118046 $37.18
Venture Universal Wheel Well Set

HPI118049 $37.18
Reactor 200 Charger

HPI120006 $10.78
Q32 Trophy Truggy Body Clear

HPI120010 $284.38
Flux MLH-2200KV Brushless Motor

HPI120019 $43.18
HPI120019 SS-30MGWR Servo Water-Resistant

HPI120020 $170.38
SS1-12MGWP Servo Waterproof 7.4V/35kg

HPI120021 $223.18
Flux ELH-6S brushless Waterproof ESC

HPI120026 $124.78
Flux Emh-80a brushless Waterproof Esc

HPI120039 $15.58
Classic King Wheel Green 2.2 inch (2)

HPI120043 $69.98
HPI TF-41 2.4Ghz Transmitter only - receiver sold separate

HPI120052 $14.38
5x8x4mm Ball Bearings (4)

HPI120053 $17.98
Emh-3S Esc Fan (25mm/6V)

HPI120080 $299.98
Jumpshot 1/10 Monster Truck V2 RTR 2WD

HPI120081 $319.98
Jumpshot 1/10 Short Course Truck V2 RTR 2WD

HPI120082 $299.98
Jumpshot Stadium Racing Truck V2 RTR 2WD radio controlled truck

HPI120093 $509.98
Savage Xs Flux Mini Monster Truck RTR El Camino SS 4WD

HPI120097 $399.98
RS4 Sport 3 Drift James Deane Nissan S15 Assembled Chassis

HPI120103 $500.00
RS4 Sport 3 BMW M3 E30 RTR

HPI120117 $29.98
Saturn 12t 550 Motor

HPI1409 $5.98
Cap Head Screw M3.5x16mm (4)

HPI1413 $14.38
Piston Pin and Retainer Set, 21bb

HPI1417 $31.18
Underhead .21 Bb

HPI1418 $4.78
Cylinder Gasket 0.2mm .21 Bb

HPI1426 $25.18
Cover Plate F4.1

HPI1428 $33.58
Pull Start Assembly 21bb/S25 F4.1bb

HPI1430 $23.98

HPI1434 $7.18
Carburetor Lock Pin .21 Bb

HPI1440 $130.78
Cylinder/Piston/Connecting Rod Set S-25

HPI1442 $7.18
Piston Pin and Retainer Set

HPI1447 $26.38
Underhead F4.6

HPI1453 $125.98
Cylinder/Piston/Connecting Rod Set F3.5

HPI1458 $75.58
Aluminum heat sink Head Black F3.5

HPI1459 $77.98
Crankshaft SG Shaft F3.5

HPI1460 $13.18
Gasket For Cylinder 0.2mm (4)

HPI1472 $26.38
Main Needle/Fuel Intake Set .21 Bb

HPI1473 $19.18
Fuel Line Fitting/Washer Set

HPI1474 $7.18
Idle Adjustment Screw W/Spring .21 Bb

HPI1477 $11.98

HPI1481 $41.98
Slide Carburetor Main Body S-25

HPI1482 $8.38
Idle Needle Valve S-25

HPI1484 $7.18
Idle Adjustment Screw S-25

HPI1485 $8.38
Idle Needle Valve F4.6

HPI1489 $147.58
Cylnder/Piston/Connecting Rod F4.6

HPI1492 $33.58
Connecting Rod Sg Shaft F4.6

HPI1493 $110.38
Crankshaft Sg Shaft F4.6

HPI1502 $11.98
Glow Plug Medium R3

HPI1503 $11.98
Glow Plug Medium Cold R4

HPI1508 $13.18
Turbo Glow Plug Cold R8

HPI15115 $39.58
Cylinder Head Nitro Star T-15

HPI15116 $20.38
Underhead Nitro Star T-15

HPI15131 $7.18
Carburetor Lock Pin Nitro Star T-15

HPI15133 $25.18
6x14mm One-Way Starter Bearing Nitro Star T-15

HPI15136 $32.38
Starting Shaft Nitro Start G/F Series

HPI15143 $44.38
Cylinder Head W/Screws Firestorm

HPI15146 $49.18
Crankshaft, Sg Type, G3.0

HPI15147 $25.18
Starting Shaft, G3.0

HPI15151 $49.18
Crankshaft Standard Shaft T3.0

HPI15170 $5.98
Throttle Arm/Nut Set Nitro Star T-15

HPI15175 $7.18
Midrange Needle Valve F-2 Composite Carb/D

HPI15411 $45.58
Air Filter Set Baja

HPI15415 $7.18
O-Ring 50x2.6mm Black Baja (4)

HPI15416 $17.98
Air Filter Foam Element Set (#15411) Baja (3)

HPI15420 $41.98
Piston Set 1mm Piston Ring Baja

HPI15425 $4.78
Flanged Cap Head Screw M5x22mm Baja (2)

HPI15426 $109.18
Crankshaft Assembly

HPI15427 $152.38
Crankcase Assembly Baja

HPI15429 $5.98
Cap Head Screw, M5x28mm, 4pcs

HPI15431 $7.18
Flywheel Locknut M7 And Key Set Baja

HPI15434 $13.18
Engine Cover Black Baja

HPI15440 $48.00
Clutch Shoe/Sprng Set 6000 Rpm Baja

HPI15442 $5.98
Clutch Shoe Washer M6.5x14mm Baja (2)

HPI15443 $13.18
Step Screw M6x23mm Baja (2)

HPI15445 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M6x16mm Baja (2)

HPI15446 $35.98
Clutch Housing Baja

HPI15447 $5.98
M5x16mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws with Spring Washers (4)

HPI15448 $58.78
Hi Response Clutch Shoe/Spring Set

HPI15451 $87.58
Ignition Coil Baja

HPI15453 $8.38
Engine Stop Switch Baja

HPI15459 $6.04
Pull Starter Torx Screw M5x16mm (2)

HPI15460 $171.58
Carburetor Wt-527-1 Baja

HPI15461 $27.58
Carburetor Spacer

HPI15463 $4.78
Flanged caphead scerws 5x20mm(2): Baja **

HPI15481 $8.38
Exhaust Gasket Baja (2)

HPI15482 $4.78
Q5482 Flanged Cap Head Screw M5x52mm Baja (2)

HPI15485 $130.78
Cylinder Set For Fuelie 26s Engine

HPI15487 $69.58
Piston Set (0.7mm Piston Ring/26cc)

HPI15488 $20.38
Piston Ring (0.7mm Piston Ring/26cc)

HPI15497 $116.38
Cylinder Set Fuelie 23 Engine 2.0

HPI160030 $519.98
Jumpshot V2 Monster Truck Flux Grey / Yellow 2WD

HPI160031 $545.98
Jumpshot Flux Short Course White / Orange 2WD

HPI160032 $519.98
Jumpshot Flux Stadium Truck Blue 2WD

HPI160090 $39.58
Forged Bulletproof Differential Bevel Gear 29t/9t Set

HPI1938 $3.02
Cone Collet 12r

HPI3036 $10.78
Mesh Wheel Black Super Nitro (2)

HPI3061 $15.58
Classic King Wheel Black 2.2 (2)

HPI3087 $19.18
Scorch 6-Spoke Wheels Shiny Chrome 2.255x50mm Firestorm(2

HPI3135 $10.98
8-Spoke Wheels White Savage T/E-Mx (2)

HPI3213 $45.00
Rock 8 Bead Lock Wheel chrome 55x36mm (2)

HPI3224 $35.98
Super Star Wheels chrome 60mm Baja (2)

HPI3251 $31.18
Tremor Wheel Black 115x70mm 7in 2 pieces Savage X

HPI3256 $31.18
Blast Wheels Black 115x70mm 7 Inch (2)

HPI3257 $31.18
Blast Wheel chrome 115x70mm 7 Inch (2)

HPI3260 $39.98
Ringz Wheels 14mm hex White 83x56mm (2)

HPI3277 $20.38
H/D Wheel Beadlock Rings Yellow (2)

HPI3281 $13.18
Work Xsa 02c Wheels 26mm Chrome 6mm Offset

HPI3283 $15.58
Work Xsa Wheels 26mm Chrome/White 3mm Offset (2)

HPI3284 $15.58
Work Xsa Wheel 26mm Chrome/White 6mm Offset (2)

HPI3285 $15.58
Work Xsa Wheels 26mm Chrome/White 9mm Offset (2)

HPI3286 $15.58
Work Xsa Wheels 26mm chrome/black 3mm Offset (2)

HPI3287 $15.58
Work Xsa Wheels 26mm Chrome/Black 6mm Offset (2)

HPI3288 $15.58
Work Xsa Wheels 26mm Chrome/Black 9mm Offset (2)

HPI3297 $15.58
Work Xsa 02c Wheels 26mm Chr/Gld 3mm Offset (2)

HPI3299 $15.58
Work XSA 02C Wheel 26mm Chr/Gld 9mm Offset (2)

HPI3300 $10.78
Work Emotion Xc8 Wheel, 26mm, Chrome, 3mm Offset

HPI3301 $10.78
Work Emotion Xc8 Wheels 26mm 6mm Offset chrome 12mm hex (2)

HPI3303 $10.78
Work Emotion Xc8 wheel 26mm Wht 3mm Offset (2)

HPI3305 $10.78
Work Emotion Xc8 Wheels 26mm 9mm Offset White (2)

HPI3308 $10.78
Work Emotion Xc8 Wheels 26mm 9mm Offset Black 12mm hex (2)

HPI3316 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57s-Pro Wheels chrome 3mm Offset

HPI3317 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57s-Pro Wheel chrome 6mm Offset

HPI3318 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57s-Pro Wheels chrome 9mm Offset

HPI3319 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57S-PRO chrome/Gold 3mm Offset

HPI3320 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57s-Pro Chrome/Gold 6mm Offset (2)

HPI3321 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57s-Pro Chrome/Gld 9mm Offset (2)

HPI3322 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57s-Pro chrome/Black 3mm Offset

HPI3323 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57S-PRO chrome/gunmetal 6mm Offset

HPI3324 $11.98
Rays Gram Lights 57s-Pro chrome/Gunmetal 9mm Offset

HPI3331 $39.58
Outlaw Wheel Black 4mm Offset Baja 5t (2)

HPI3340 $15.58
HPI Racing LP29 Rays Volkracing RE30 3mm Offset Wheels(2)

HPI3341 $15.58
Lp32 Wheels Rays Volkracing Re30 chrome (2)

HPI3342 $15.58
Lp35 Wheels Rays Volkracing Re30 Chrome (2)

HPI33450 $11.98
HPI33450 E10 Brake Disc & Caliper Set Red

HPI33459 $15.58
Lp29 Lm-R Wheels chrome (2)

HPI33460 $15.58
Lp32 Lm-R Wheel chrome (2) use with LP32 tires only

HPI33461 $15.58
Lp35 Lm-R Wheels chrome (2)

HPI33462 $15.58
Lp29 Wheels Atg Rs8 chrome 12mm hex - pair

HPI33463 $15.58
Lp32 Wheels Atg Rs8 chrome (2)

HPI33464 $15.58
Lp35 Wheels Atg Rs8 chrome (2)

HPI33477 $15.58
LP32 Wheels MF Type Chrome 6mm Offset (2)

HPI336 $230.38
Led Lights W/Battery Indicator Set White

HPI3574 $8.38
Rays Gram Lights 57s-Pro 26mm chrome

HPI3591 $11.98
Work Meister S1 Wheels 26mm chrome 3mm Offset (2)

HPI3711 $8.38
Mesh Wheel 26mm Black (2)

HPI3712 $15.58
Mesh Wheels 26mm chrome (2)

HPI3750 $10.00
Aero-Dish wheel 24mm wide 12mm hex drive white (pair)

HPI3772 $10.00
10-Spoke Sport Wheels 26mm chrome (2)

HPI3840 $9.58
Te37 Wheels 26mm White 3mm Offsett 12mm hex - pair

HPI38405 $5.98
Hub Carrier Set Switch

HPI38406 $8.38
Servo Saver Parts Switch

HPI3841 $9.58
TE37 Wheel 26mm Black 3mm Offset/26mm Tire (2)

HPI3843 $9.58
Te37 Wheel 26mm Bronze 3mm Offset (2)

HPI4437 $51.58
Desert Buster Radial Hd Comp Baja 5t (2)

HPI4456 $20.38
Yokohama Geolandar M/T Tires S (2)

HPI4474 $15.58
Digger Tire 30mm Brama (2)

HPI4477 $13.00
Digger Tire 35mm Brama (2)

hpi4726 $63.58
HPI Racing Super Mudders Mounted Tires Shiny Chrome (2)

HPI4741 $122.38
Mounted Sand Buster Paddle Tires M Compound (2)

HPI4790 $11.98
X-Pattern Tires 26mm D-Compound (2)

HPI4791 $15.58
Vintage Slick 26mm Tires (2)

HPI4806 $13.18
Inner Foam Soft/170x60mm Baja 5t (2)

HPI4807 $51.58
Molded Inner Foam Ms 170x60mm (2)

HPI4817 $55.18
Molded Inner Foam Ms 190x60mm (2)

HPI4821 $47.98
Sand Buster-T Rib Tires M Compound 910x60mm (2)

HPI4834 $47.98
Dirt Block Tires S Compound Baja (2)

HPI4837 $47.98
Tarmac Buster Tires M Compound 170x60mm (2)

HPI4852 $33.58
Dirt Bonz Tires S Compound (2)

HPI6121 $4.78
Body Pins Small Chrome (20)

HPI6123 $5.98
silver Body Clip 28mm long 1.5mm wire (20)

HPI6163 $7.18
Servo Tape 20x100mm (5)

HPI6203 $5.98
Body Clip 8mm Black Hellfire E-Savage (20)

HPI6561 $7.18
Spring 18x20x1.7x5 Black (2)

HPI6588 $7.18
Shock Spring 14x90x1.1mm 23 Coils Black (2)

HPI6589 $5.98
Shock Spring 13.5x80x1.1 18coils Red Wheely King(2

HPI66211 $23.98
CNC Front Suspension Holder 7075

HPI66212 $25.18
Lightning Rear Suspension Holder, Cnc, 7075 Trophy

HPI66213 $25.18
Aluminum Rear Toe-in Block, 7075, 2 Degree, Lightning Series Tro

HPI66214 $25.18
Aluminum Rear Toe-in Block, 7075, 3 Degree, Lightning Series Tro

HPI66477 $165.58
Main Chassis, Hard Anodized, Trophy Truggy Opt

HPI66479 $58.78
Universal Joint for Lightning Stadium 2 Pro Trophy Truggy Opt

HPI66631 $3.50
Center Diff Housing Set

HPI66652 $7.18
Center Diff Shaft 5x26.5mm Front WR8 Flux

HPI66653 $7.18
Center Diff Shaft 5x31mm Rear WR8 Flux

HPI66654 $26.38
Spur Gear 46T Mod 1

HPI66655 $11.98
Drive Shaft 6x65mm (2) SXS

HPI66656 $7.18
Shock Shaft 3x46mm 2

HPI66691 $10.00
Brake Cam Shaft Set

HPI66692 $9.58
Shock Body Set (M/2 Shocks)

HPI66796 $7.18
Shock Mount Screw

HPI67349 $178.78
Main Chassis 4mm Hard Anodzied

HPI67350 $7.18
Shock Boots Set 4 pieces Vorza Flux

HPI67353 $10.78
6 Holes Shock Piston Set 6holes 1.2 1.3 1.4mm Vorza Flux

HPI67356 $15.58
Stone Guard Set Right/Left Vorza Flux

HPI67364 $8.38
Fuel Tank Stand-Off and Fuel Line Clips Set

HPI67376 $5.98
Servo Arm Set Vorza Flux

HPI67378 $7.18
Servo Horn Set

HPI67380 $26.38
Pivot Plate 3 Degree

HPI67381 $16.78
Rear Suspension Arm Set Vorza Flux

HPI67383 $8.38
Rear Chassis Stiffener

HPI67384 $29.98
Front Suspension Block Front Rear Vorza Flux

HPI67385 $16.78
Front Suspension Arm Set Vorza Flux

HPI67386 $16.78
Front Hub Carrier Set Right/Left 10deg Vorza Flux

HPI67388 $15.58
Front Spindle Set Right/Left Vorza Flux

HPI67390 $7.18
King Pin Bushing, 4pcs , Vorza Flux

HPI67391 $8.38
Suspension Block Front Front Vorza Flux

HPI67392 $8.38
Steering Post, 2pcs , Vorza Flux

HPI67398 $13.18
Steering Plate Vorza Flux

HPI67399 $5.98
Steering Bushing 2

HPI67402 $11.98
Axle, 1pc , Vorza Flux

HPI67404 $9.58
Universal Joint Rebuild Kit Vorza Flux

HPI67409 $44.38
Rear Shock Tower

HPI67410 $8.38
Shock Stand Off 2

HPI67411 $8.38
Body Mount Set Vorza/D8

HPI67413 $45.58
Front Shock Tower Vorza Flux

HPI67415 $7.18
Suspension Shaft 4X71mm Silver Front/Inner Vorza Flux

HPI67416 $5.98
Silver Suspension Shaft 3x43mm Front/Outer for the Vorza Flux

HPI67417 $5.98
Suspension Shaft 4x68mm Black Rear/Inner Vorza Flux

HPI67418 $4.78
Black Suspension Shaft 3X44mm Rear/Outer Vorza Flux

HPI67428 $35.98
Spur Gear 48T

HPI67433 $21.58
Big Bore Shock Caps for the Vorza Flux 2 pieces

HPI67435 $35.98
Big Bore Shock Body

HPI67438 $7.18
Ball Bearings 8x14x4mm for the Vorza Flux and Venture 2 pieces

HPI67447 $10.78
Big Bore Shock Spring White

HPI67448 $9.58
Big Bore Shock Spring, Blue, 60mm/89gf, 2pcs

HPI67449 $9.58
Big Bore Shock Spring Orange

HPI67453 $10.78
Big Bore Shock Spring, Gray, 76mm/52gf, 2pcs , Vorza Flux Opt

HPI67454 $10.78
Big Bore Shock Spring, White, 76mm/59gf, 2pcs , Vorza Flux Opt

HPI67455 $10.78
Blue Big Bore Shock Springs, 76mm/63gf, 2pcs , Vorza Flux

HPI67456 $10.78
Big Bore Shock Spring, Orange, 76mm/74gf, 2pcs , Vorza Flux Opt

HPI67464 $8.38
Steering Turnbuckle 4x55mm 2 pieces Vorza Flux

HPI67468 $2.38
Exhaust Hanger Wire

HPI67472 $8.38
Brake Cam

HPI67473 $4.78
Brake Wire, 2pcs

HPI67491 $7.18
Steering Linkage Set, Trophy Flux/Vorza Flux

HPI67493 $5.98
Ball 6mm 4 pieces Vorza Flux

HPI67495 $8.38
Servo Horn Set 23/24/25

HPI67499 $25.18
Spiral Pinion Gear 10 Tooth Vorza Flux

HPI67510 $3.58
Sway Bar, 2.8mm, Vorza Flux

HPI67511 $3.58
Sway Bar, 2.4mm, Vorza Flux

HPI67514 $10.78
Spacer 3x8.5x3mm 6 pieces Vorza Flux

HPI67515 $10.78
Big Bore Shock Maintenance Set Vorza Flux

HPI67516 $7.18
Ball End Set Vorza Flux

HPI67518 $34.78
Universal Drive Shaft Set

HPI67520 $23.98
Throttle Linkage Set

HPI67521 $10.78
Wing Mount Set Vorza Flux

HPI67524 $15.58
Fuel Tank Set

HPI67528 $13.18
Big Bore Shock Spring Nut

HPI67529 $10.78
Big Bore Shock Bottom Cap Black 2 pieces Vorza Flux

HPI67534 $4.78
Ball 5.8x5.6mm 4 pieces Vorza Flux

HPI67687 $27.58
Powerpin 2.2 Inch Mt Tire White 2 pieces

HPI67744 $22.78
Proto Tire Red 1/8 Buggy

HPI67768 $15.58
Hb Edge Wheel Black Chrome 2 pieces 1/8 Buggy

HPI67772 $31.18
Rover Tire, Soft, Rock Crawler, Bronco/Raptor

HPI67867 $58.78
Rodeo Tire White Rear 2 pieces Baja 5t/5sc Rear

HPI6807 $8.38
Shock Shaft 3x31mm

HPI6811 $4.78
O-Ring 6x9.5x2mm Black Savage 21 (8)

HPI6816 $3.58
Silicone O-Ring S10 E-Savage (6)

HPI68187 $8.38
Spacer 3x8.5x5mm (6)

HPI6819 $3.58
Silicone O-Ring P-3 Red

HPI6823 $3.58
Silicone O-Ring Red (5)

HPI6831 $9.58
Black Shock Spring, 13x25x1.7mm, 7 Coils, 2pcs

HPI6876 $8.06
Shock Shaft 3x55mm Ss

HPI6878 $5.98
Shock Shaft 3x61mm (2)

HPI6897 $3.58
O-Ring P4 Savage XS SS 5

HPI6898 $5.98
Silicon O-Ring Savage 21 (4)

HPI6899 $3.58
O-Ring 5x8x1.5mm Savage 21 (6)

HPI6916 $5.98
Pinion Gear 48p 16t

HPI6922 $5.98
Pinion Gear 48p 22t

HPI6924 $5.98
Pinion Gear 48p 24t

HPI6925 $5.98
Pinion Gear 48p 25t

HPI6926 $7.18
Pinion Gear 48P 26T

HPI6928 $7.18
Pinion Gear 48P 28T

HPI6929 $7.18
Pinion Gear, 29 Tooth, 48dp

HPI6930 $7.18
Pinion Gear 48P 30T

HPI6932 $7.18
Pinion Gear 48p 32t

HPI6933 $7.18
Pinion Gear, 33 Tooth, 48dp

HPI6934 $7.18
Pinion Gear 48p 34t

HPI6935 $7.18
Pinion Gear, 35 Tooth, 48dp

HPI7124 $47.98
Gt Gigante Truck Body Clear Body Shell

HPI72130 $4.78
Stainless Slipper Disk

HPI72131 $7.18
Slipper Clutch Pad

HPI72161 $7.18
Gear Shaft 5x55mm Mt S-Speed

HPI72202 $9.08
Threaded Shaft 4-40x90mm (2)

HPI72235 $5.00
traction control hub 5x33mm

HPI72275 $3.58
Shaft 3x60mm Silver (2) Savage Xs

HPI72314 $14.38
Belt 3m 348 116t Micro RS4

HPI72333 $11.98
Chassis Type B: Micro R

HPI72335 $10.78
Ball Nut M2x3.8x4.5 (6)

HPI72336 $8.38
Rear Axle 3x86 W/Hex Hub

HPI72341 $10.00
Shock Shaft Front Micro RS4 (2)

HPI72360 $4.78
Spring Set Micro RS4

HPI72367 $4.78
Brake Spring 4x5x20mm (2)

HPI72456 $43.18
Front Universal Dogbones Micro RS4

HPI72480 $10.78
Pinion Gear 8t Steel Micro RS4

HPI73401 $5.98
HPI Racing Inner Wheels Set Micro RS4

HPI73402 $5.98
Spur Gear Set: RS4 Micro

HPI73403 $9.58
Diff Pinion Gear Set: RS4 Micro

HPI73404 $8.38
Servo Arm Set Micro RS4

HPI73406 $7.18
Bumper Set: RS4 Micro

HPI73407 $7.18
Mount Set Micro RS4

HPI73409 $5.98
Upper Deck Set: RS4 Micro

HPI73410 $8.38
Wheel Set White Micro RS4 (4)

HPI73419 $3.58
Solid Drive Set Micro RS4

HPI73450 $5.98
Urethane Bumper Micro RS4

HPI73961 $41.98
Main Chassis 2.5mm Savage X Gray/Left

HPI73962 $41.98
Main Chassis 2.5mm Savage X Gray/Right

HPI74115 $14.78
500cc Fuel Bottle

HPI75072 $10.78
O-Ring P20 20x2.5mm Black Baja (8)

HPI75075 $4.78
Silicone O-Ring S4 Black Hellfire (12)

HPI75076 $3.02
O-Ring S9 Balck Hellfire (8)

HPI75077 $4.78
O-Ring 4x1mm Black Baja (10)

HPI75078 $4.78
O-Ring P10 10x2mm Black Baja (10)

HPI75079 $5.98
O-Ring S13 13x1.5mm Black Baja (8)

HPI75080 $4.78
O-Ring 7x11x2.0mm Black (8)

HPI75106 $5.98
Body Clip 6mm Black E-Savage (20)

HPI75115 $13.18
Ball Stud 4.3x10.3mm RS4 Pro 4 (4)

HPI75116 $13.18
Ball Stud 4.3x13mm RS4 Pro 4 (4)

HPI75121 $10.78
Pivot Ball 3x5mm RS4 Pro 4 (4)

HPI7560 $37.18
Baja 5b-1 Buggy Clear Body

HPI76817 $7.18
Spur Gear 47t Nitro 2 & 3

HPI76914 $5.98
Transmission Gear 44t Savage 21

HPI76924 $5.98
Transmission Gear 39 Tooth Hd 2 Spd Savage X

HPI76937 $9.58
HPI76937 Spur Gear 47t Savage

HPI76939 $7.18
Spur Gear 49T Savage SS

HPI76979 $7.18
Aluminum Threaded Pinion Gear 19Tx12mm Nitro 3

hpi77061 $5.98
Pinion Gear 21T 3-Speed

hpi77064 $5.50
Pinion Gear 24t 3speed

hpi77073 $5.50
Spur Gear 38t 3-Speed

HPI77094 $7.18
Spur Gear 49t 1m Savage X

HPI77103 $21.58
Racing Clutch Bell 13t

HPI77127 $32.38
Heavy Duty Spur Gear 47 Tooth

HPI77132 $46.78
Heavy Duty Spur Gear 52t

HPI80575 $13.18
Receiver Switch

HPI80576 $8.38
Receiver/Battery Case

HPI82006 $21.58
Suspension Arm Set E-Savage

HPI82009 $19.18
Center Universal Shaft Set E-Savage

HPI82011 $19.18
Shock End Rod End Pars Set E-Savage

HPI82012 $15.58
Steering Parts Set E-Savage

HPI82015 $20.38
Battery Holder Set E-Savage

HPI82016 $13.18
Bumper Set E-Savage

HPI82018 $11.98
Center Gear Set E-Savage

HPI82021 $11.98
Axle Shaft 6x31mm E-Savage

HPI82030 $16.78
Gear Box Under Plate 2.5mm Purple E-Savage

HPI82034 $11.98
Pinion Gear 17t E-Savage

HPI82035 $11.98
Pinion Gear 18t E-Savage

HPI82037 $11.98
Pinion Gear 20t E-Savage

HPI82039 $11.98
Pinion Gear 22t E-Savage

HPI82041 $7.18
Flange Shaft 3x56mm E-Savage (2)

HPI82045 $8.38
Screw Shaft M4x2x12mm E-Savage (6)

HPI82047 $20.38
Bevel Gear 38t/13t E-Savage

HPI82050 $7.18
Step Screw M4x17mm E-Savage (4)

HPI85000 $7.18
Suspension Arms Sprint RTR (2)

HPI85021 $8.38
Suspension Pin Set Sprint RTR

HPI85030 $7.18
Suspension Arm Set Nitro 3

HPI85037 $7.18
Rear Hub Set 2 Degree/1 Degree

HPI85048 $9.58
Upright Set Savage 21

HPI85050 $8.38
Shock Parts Rod End Set Svg 21 (2)

HPI85052 $32.38
Center Gear Box/Bulkhead Set Savage X

HPI85053 $4.78
Shock Body Set 12x70-103mm Firestorm (2)

HPI85054 $4.78
Shock Body Set 12x67-87mm Firestorm (2)

HPI85058 $15.58
Steering Crank/Servo Saver

HPI85059 $11.98
Bumper Set/Long Body Mnt Set Svg 21

HPI85079 $3.02
Shock Cap Set (4)

HPI85095 $7.18
Rear Hub Set 2 & 3 Degrees

HPI85210 $13.18
Skid Plate/Rear Chassis Set Fs

HPI85212 $4.78
Slipper Access Cover

HPI85213 $43.00
Main Chassis E-Firestorm

HPI85233 $31.18
Shock Bottom Cap Set Assembled (2)

HPI85234 $20.38
Skid Plate/Body Mount/Shock Tower Set Savage X

HPI85235 $20.38
Gear Box/Bulkhead Set Savage X

HPI85236 $20.38
Radio Box Set Savage X

HPI85237 $8.38
Radio Box Parts Set Savage X

HPI85238 $20.38
Suspension Arm Set Savage X

HPI85239 $17.98
Roll Bar Set Savage X

HPI85245 $32.38
Wheelie Bar Set Savage

HPI85250 $20.38
Axle-Differential Case Set Front/Rear Wheely King

HPI85251 $20.38
Center Gear Box Wheelsy King

HPI85252 $17.98
Hub Carrier Set Rt/Lt Wheelsy King

HPI85253 $5.98
Shock Body Set 2 Shocks Wheelsy King

HPI85254 $33.58
Main Chassis Set Matte Chrome Wheely King

HPI85256 $14.38
Shock Parts/Shock Tower Set Wk

HPI85257 $16.78
Suspension Rod Set Wheely King

HPI85258 $20.38
Univ Center Drive Set Assmbld Wk

HPI85259 $17.98
Drive Gear Set Wheely King

HPI85260 $19.18
Servo Saver/Pivot Ball Set Wheely King

HPI85261 $17.98
Battery Box Set Wheely King

HPI85263 $20.38
Arm Rod/Steering Rod Set Crawler King

HPI85264 $23.98
Long Body Mount Set

HPI85266 $21.58
Main Chassis Set Black Wheelsy King

HPI85402 $21.58
Rear Suspension Arm Set Baja

HPI85408 $14.38
Front Hub Carrier Set Baja

HPI85416 $16.78
Rod End Set Baja

HPI85422 $26.38
Nut Holder Set Baja

HPI85424 $19.18
Rear Hub Carrier Set Baja

HPI85425 $27.58
Under Guard Baja 5t

HPI85441 $19.18
Rear Axle 5x39mm Blitz (2)

HPI85444 $20.38
Air Filter Sleeve Set for #15411 Baja

HPI85461 $9.58
Servo Arm Set Baja

HPI85481 $70.00
Heavy Duty Diff Gear 48 Tooth

HPI85502 $10.08
Center Bulkhead Set Hellfire

HPI85511 $10.00
Fuel Line Accessories Hellfire

HPI85516 $6.00
Chassis Brace: HF **

HPI85601 $8.38
Plastic Bushing 12x18x4mm (7)

HPI85603 $8.38
Motor Mount Set

HPI85604 $9.58
Upper Deck Set

HPI85605 $8.38
Steering Linkage Set

HPI85606 $8.38
Suspension Arm Set

HPI85607 $10.78
Hub Carrier Set

HPI85608 $11.98
Hex Hub Set

HPI85609 $11.98
Bumper/Shock Mount Set

HPI85610 $8.38
Shock/Body Post Set

HPI85611 $25.18
Main Chassis E10

HPI85614 $8.38
Spur Gear 65t E10

HPI85615 $8.38
Diff Case Set

HPI85616 $15.58
Center Gear Box Set

HPI85621 $22.78
Univ Center Drive Set 66mm

HPI85632 $25.18
Servo Mount/High Link Bracket Set Wheely King

HPI85633 $13.18
Body Mount Set 89x287mm Wheelsy King

HPI85637 $11.98
Rod End Set 113mm Wheelsy King

HPI85638 $14.38
Bulkhead Set Brama

HPI85640 $7.18
Bumper Set Brama

HPI85641 $10.78
Suspension Arm Set Brama

HPI85642 $7.18
Hub Carrier Set Brama

HPI85643 $5.98
c-hub Set Brama

HPI85647 $11.98
Shock Part / Rod Part Set

HPI85649 $13.18
10b White Molded Wing Brama

HPI85743 $12.10
Front Suspension Arm Set

HPI86001 $8.38
Wheel Axle 5x32mm Sprint RTR (2)

HPI86026 $11.98
Shock Shaft 3x57.5mm Firestorm (2)

HPI86027 $11.98
Shock Shaft 3x49.5mm Firestorm (2)

HPI86054 $9.58
Dogbone 8x142mm Black

HPI86056 $11.98
Dogbone 8x84mm Black Savage 21

HPI86057 $10.78
Dogbone 8x78mm Black Savage 21

HPI86059 $8.38
Ball 6.8x7.3x3mm Black Savage 21 E-Savage (4)

HPI86065 $19.18
Axle 8x9x44mm Black Savage 21 (2)

HPI86066 $8.38
Hex Wheels Hubs 14mm Silver Svg 21 (4)

HPI86071 $4.78
Flange Shaft 4x62mm Black Savage 21 (2)

HPI86072 $5.00
Threaded Shaft M4x70mm Black Savage 21 E-Savage(2

HPI86073 $5.98
Shaft 4x78mm Silver Savage 21 (2)

HPI86074 $4.78
SHAFT 4x46mm (SILVER/2pcs)

HPI86079 $19.18
Engine Mount Savage X

HPI86081 $11.98
Gear Shaft 6x12x78mm Black

HPI86082 $15.58
Cup Joint 6x13x20mm Black Savage 21 (2)

HPI86083 $15.58
Cup Joint 8x19mm Black Savage 21 (2)

HPI86084 $5.98
Drive Gear 32t Savage 21

HPI86088 $10.78
Idler Shaft 6x8x45mm Black Savage 21

HPI86089 $7.18
Drive Shaft 6x71mm Black Savage 21

HPI86090 $9.58
Steering Crank Post 6x49mm Black Savage 21 (2)

HPI86092 $9.58
Brake Cam/Piston Set

HPI86094 $3.94
Screw Shaft M4x2.5x12mm Black Savage 21 (6)

HPI86097 $7.18
Drive Gear 18-23t Savage 21

HPI86098 $5.98
Idler Gear 29t Savage 21

HPI86099 $5.98
Differential Case Washer 0.7mm Hellfire (6)

HPI86110 $26.38
Tuned Pipe Savage 21

HPI86112 $8.38
Aluminum Inner Cone Savage X

HPI86145 $4.04
Flange Pipe 3x6x10mm Savage X (4)

HPI86171 $3.58
Metal Spacer Set 5x7.5x3mm Savage X SS

HPI86190 $4.78
Servo Saver Shaft 4x31mm

HPI86246 $39.58
Super H/D Drive Shaft 11x123mm (2)

HPI86248 $23.98
Super Heavy Duty Diff Shaft 9x11x34mm (2)

HPI86249 $32.38
Super H/D Wide Axle 8x11x59mm (2)

HPI86263 $5.04
Steering Linkage Shaft 3x18mm (2)

HPI86264 $5.04
Suspension Shaft 3x29mm (2)

HPI86271 $16.78
Flywheel 3 Pin Savage 25 RTR

HPI86322 $16.78
Cup Joint 6x19x21mm

HPI86356 $9.58
Brake Linkage Set

HPI86361 $16.78
Idler Shaft 6x8x45mm 3-Speed

HPI86369 $5.98
Clutch Hub Heavy Duty 2 Speed Savage X

HPI86391 $41.98
H/D Aluminum Clutch Shoe (3)

HPI86394 $5.98
Spring 4x20x14x0.7mm Black (2)

HPI86405 $16.78
Ball 6.8x7mm Baja (4)

HPI86412 $31.18
Ball 10x34mm Baja (4)

HPI86417 $11.98
Ball 10x12mm Baja (4)

HPI86433 $41.98
Shock Body 20x96mm Baja (2)

HPI86448 $25.18
Shock Shaft 6x105mm Baja (2)

HPI86479 $10.78
Axle Boot 22x47mm Baja (4)

HPI86480 $22.78
Differential Gear 48t Baja

HPI86484 $9.58
Idler Gear 30t Baja

HPI86490 $43.18
Clutch Bell Baja

HPI86517 $13.00
Brake Cam B (Front): HF

HPI86528 $10.00
Rear Lower Suspension Mount Rear Hellfire 2 - 4 Degree

HPI86530 $10.00
Center Bulkhead Brace Hellfire

HPI86540 $13.00
Shock Body 132-86mm: Hf

HPI86546 $11.08
Suspension Shaft 3x45mm Titanium Nitride Coating

HPI86551 $9.58
Shock Spring 14.5 Coils Pink Hellfire

HPI86553 $9.58
Shock Spring 12.5 Coils White Hellfire

HPI86598 $9.58
Washer 13x16x0.2mm Hellfire (10)

HPI86607 $5.98
Flanged Collar 4x6x7mm (2)

HPI86617 $21.58
Sway Bar Ball, 6.8x22mm, 4pcs , Baja 5

HPI86618 $74.38
Sway Bar Set Baja 5b

HPI86633 $20.38
Shaft 6x80mm Baja (2)

HPI86634 $21.58
Shaft 6x94mm Baja (2)

HPI86664 $5.98
Rubber Cap 6x5mm Baja (8)

HPI86710 $10.78
Silicone Exhaust Coupling 23x29x12mm (3)

HPI86757 $19.18
Shock Spring 23x135x2.2mm 13 Coils (Black)Baja(2)

HPI86762 $23.98
Shock Spring Set 23x155x2.4mm 17.5 Coils Blk Baja

HPI86803 $9.58
Joint Post 4x6x74mm Savage X (2)

HPI86804 $9.58
Hex Wheel Hub 17mm Silver Svg X

HPI86812 $11.98
Drive Shaft 6x32mm Wheelsy King

HPI86813 $20.38
Drive Shaft 6x82mm Wheelsy King (2)

HPI86815 $13.18
Drive Shaft 5x43mm Wheelsy King

HPI86816 $4.78
Threaded Shaft M3x102mm Wheely King

HPI86818 $11.98
Motor Plate 2.5mm Wheely King

HPI86819 $10.78
Flanged Shaft 3x13mm Wheely King (4)

HPI86827 $16.78
Aluminum Diff Case Savage X SS

HPI86837 $21.00
Aluminum Shock Body 67-87mm(2): Fs

HPI86841 $10.00
Aluminum Bottom Shock Cap (2 pieces)

HPI86866 $14.38
Drv Gear 55t Diff Case Set S Metal Firestorm

HPI86870 $5.98
Top Gear 18 Tooth Firestorm

HPI86872 $5.98
Differential Case Washer Blitz (2)

HPI86873 $5.98
Top Shaft 5x43mm Firestorm

HPI86874 $7.18
Idler Shaft 5x40mm Firestorm

HPI86876 $5.98
Brake Plate Firestorm (2)

HPI86877 $8.38
Brake Cam Firestorm

HPI86878 $9.58
Turnbuckle M3x69 Firestorm (2)

HPI86879 $8.38
Front Axle 5x29mm Firestorm (2)

HPI86881 $5.98
Front Brace Firestorm

HPI86882 $5.98
Suspension Shaft 3x33mm Firestorm (2)

HPI86883 $4.78
Rubber Bump Stop 3x7x4mm Firestorm

HPI86884 $5.98
Suspension Shaft 3x27mm Firestorm (2)

HPI86887 $5.98
Suspension Shaft 3x54mm Firestorm (2)

HPI86889 $55.18
Main Chassis 3mm Firestorm

HPI86890 $8.38
Gearbox Brace: Fs

HPI86893 $31.18
Upper Deck Black/Firestorm

HPI86895 $4.78
Cap Head Screw M3x30 Firestorm (10)

HPI86896 $13.18
Ball Stud 4.8x12mm Firestorm (10)

HPI86898 $7.18
X-Ring 1.8x5mm Firestorm (8)

HPI86899 $5.98
Stop Collar 2.1mm Firestorm (2)

HPI86904 $4.78
Steering Post 3x23mm Firestorm (2)

HPI86905 $16.78
Servo Saver Set Firestorm

HPI86908 $11.98
Exhaust Hanger Firestorm

HPI86909 $23.98
Aluminum Tuned Pipe Firestorm

HPI86913 $7.00
Shock Spring 13x57x1.1mm 11 Coils 3.3lb White Firestorm

HPI86914 $6.04
Shock Sprng 13x57x1.1mm 12 Coils 3.0lb Pk Firestorm

HPI86943 $15.58
Drive Gear 52t Gear Differential

HPI86948 $7.18
Top Shaft 5x43

HPI86968 $14.38
Foam Block 50x22x11mm (4)

HPI86969 $7.18
Thumbscrew M3x9x7 (2)

HPI86970 $3.58
Spacer 5x7x4.5mm

HPI86971 $8.38
Locking Hex Hub 12mm

HPI86972 $4.78
Washer 6x15x0.2mm (6)

HPI87006 $15.58
Urethane Belt S3m 507 Ug 4mm Sprint RTR

HPI87007 $10.78
Urethane Belt S3m 174 Ug 4mm Sprint RTR

HPI87022 $5.00
Foam Tape Strip 25x60mm

HPI87023 $7.18
Gear Differential Adjustment Spring

HPI87027 $3.58
Rubber Cap 10x11mm Black Savage X

HPI87035 $38.38
Gear Set Reverse Module Savage 21

HPI87036 $15.58
Gear 10/22t Reverse Module Savage 21

HPI87037 $17.98
Shaft Set Reverse Module Savage

HPI87038 $7.18
Shift Lever Reverse Module Savage 21

HPI87042 $7.18
Spring/Washer Set Savage 21

HPI87043 $3.58
Rubber Cap For Gear Box Savage X

HPI87052 $8.38
Silicone Exhaust Coupling 15x25x40mm Black

HPI87054 $4.78
Exhaust Manifold Spring 3.2x91x0.7mmx46 Savage(2)

HPI87058 $4.78
Rubber Tube 3x8x10mm Black Savage 21 (8)

HPI87104 $9.58
Starter Shaft W/O-Ring 225mm

HPI87193 $16.78
4 Bevel Gear Diff Conversion Set SVG

HPI87194 $10.78
4 Bevel Gear Differential Shaft 4x27mm Hellfire(4

HPI87460 $7.18
Rubber Cap Set Radio Box Baja

HPI87482 $53.98
Rear Chassis Plate Orange

HPI87488 $17.98
Rear Brace Orange Baja

HPI87490 $16.78
Engine Mount Brace Right Orange Baja

HPI87492 $22.78
Shock Adjuster Nut 20mm Orange Baja (2)

HPI87500 $4.78
Bladder 16x5mm Hellfire (4)

HPI87524 $4.78
Rubber Bump Stop Hellfire (4)

HPI87540 $3.58
Washer 5x10x0.2mm (10)

HPI87542 $28.22
6mm Rear Lower Suspension Mount Front Side

HPI87600 $25.18
Wheely King Diff Gear Set Assembled

HPI87608 $20.38
Universal Center Drive Set Assembled/86336

HPI87613 $31.18
HPI Nitro Start Gear Box Set

HPI88001 $10.78
Diff Shaft Set

HPI88003 $5.98
Drive Shaft 9x40mm (2)

HPI88005 $5.98
Suspension Shaft 3x40mm Switch (2 pieces)

HPI88007 $4.78
Screw Shaft 3x30mm (2)

HPI88008 $14.38
Cone Washer 3x9x2mm Gunmetal (4)

HPI88010 $4.78
SHOCK SPRING 14x29x1.4mm 8coils (BLACK/175nf/2pcs)

HPI88011 $4.78
Center Drive Shaft Set

HPI88012 $8.38
Axle Shaft 6x31mm (2)

HPI88013 $5.98
Wheels Hub Screw Set (12)

HPI88016 $16.78
Sway Bar Set E-10

HPI88018 $49.18
Aluminum Motor Mount E10

HPI88020 $5.98
Pinion Gear 20t 0.6m

HPI88022 $5.98
Pinion Gear 22t 0.6m

HPI88024 $5.98
Pinion Gear 24t 0.6m

HPI88026 $5.98
Pinion Gear 26t 0.6m

HPI88028 $5.98
Pinion Gear 28t 0.6m

HPI88030 $5.98
Pinion Gear 30t 0.6m

HPI88032 $5.98
Pinion Gear 32t 0.6m

HPI88034 $5.98
Pinion Gear 34t 0.6m

HPI88055 $74.38
Aluminum Wide Hex Hub 12x24mm

HPI88060 $39.58
Universal Drive Shaft Set E10 (2)

HPI88073 $10.78
18073 Differential Locker Spool Diff Hub (2)

HPI88076 $23.98
Aluminum Tube 6xm4x72mm 4 pieces Wheely King Opt

HPI88119 $31.18
Universal Center Drive Set 66mm

HPI88131 $13.18
Drive Shaft 8.5x65mm Brama (2)

HPI88133 $5.00
Shock Shaft 3x42mm Brama (2)

HPI88134 $5.98
Shock Shaft 3x50mm Brama (2)

HPI88137 $39.58
E10 Oni-Kyan Arm Set

HPI9084 $8.38
Curved Scissors 5-1/2 inch

HPI93535 $8.38
Turnbuckle M4x70mm Savage X

HPI94036 $3.58
Button Head Screw M2x5mm Savage X (10)

HPI94304 $5.98
Tp Flat Head Screw M3x10mm Hex Sckt Baja 5t (10)

HPI94353 $5.98
Tp Button Head Screw M3x8mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI94357 $3.58
Tp Button Head Screw M3x18mm (6)

HPI94361 $3.58
Tp Button Head Screw M3x14mm Hex Socket/10pcs

HPI94388 $3.58
Cap Head Screw M3x16mm (10)

HPI94398 $8.38
Cap Head Screw M3x55mm Savage X (6)

HPI94502 $4.78
M4x6mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (10)

HPI94505 $3.58
M4x12mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (10)

HPI94510 $5.98
M4x25mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (10)

HPI94512 $5.98
M4x30mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (10)

HPI94514 $9.58
Cap Head Screw M4x35mm (10)

HPI94531 $3.58
Flat Head Screw M4x15mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI94552 $4.78
Button Head Screw M4x6mm Hex Socket (10)

HPI94554 $4.78
Button Head Screw M4x10mm Hex Skt Firestorm (10)

HPI94631 $3.58
Tp Flat Head Screw M4x15mm Hex Socket Hellfi (10)

HPI94677 $5.98
Cap Head Screw M3.5x42mm (8)

HPI94707 $4.78
M5x20mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (6)

HPI94710 $4.78
M5x30mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (6)

HPI94711 $4.78
M5x35mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (6)

HPI94732 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M5x20mm Hex Socket Baja (6)

HPI94735 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M5x30mm Hex Socket Baja (6)

HPI94757 $5.98
Button Head Screw M5x20mm Hex Socket Baja 5t (6)

HPI94760 $5.98
Button Head Screw, M5x30mm, Hex Socket, 6pcs

HPI94762 $5.98
Button Head Screw M5x40mm Hex Socket Baja (6)

HPI94763 $5.98
Button Head Screw M5x45mm Hex Socket Baja (6)

HPI94879 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M6x14mm Hex Socket Baja (6)

HPI94909 $4.78
Button Head Screw M6x25mm Hex Socket Baja (6)

HPI96704 $3.58
Locking Washer M4 Baja (20)

HPI96706 $3.58
Locking Washer M6 Baja (20)

HPI96710 $4.78
Washer 8x12x0.8mm Baja (10)

HPIA020 $3.58
O-Ring P-5 (4 pieces)

HPIA133 $5.98
Ball 5.8x6mm (4)

HPIA162 $10.00
differential screw m2x25mm 2 pieces

HPIA180 $10.00
Servo Saver Shaft RS4

HPIA181 $3.58
Servo Saver Pipe RS4

HPIA182 $4.78
Servo Saver Nut/Spring RS4

HPIA183 $14.38
Pilot Shaft 4x15mm

HPIA280 $7.18
Flange Shafts 3x25/3x30mm

HPIA281 $7.18
Flange Shafts 3x38/3x42mm

HPIA302 $5.98
Heavy Duty Ball Cup 4.3x18mm (8)

HPIA476 $5.00
Rear Upper Brace: RS4

HPIA540 $7.00
Shock Body 2pc

HPIA544 $10.00
Shock Body Set (62.87mm/2 pieces)

HPIA546 $3.99
shock body set

HPIA559 $4.78
Gear Shaft Nitro RS4 Mt (1)

HPIA838 $5.98
Black Flange Pipe 3x4.5x5.5 inch (4)

HPIA855 $7.18
Differential Final Gear Set Nitro RS4 Mt

HPIB014 $9.58
BALL BEARING 3x8x3mm (2pcs)

HPIB020 $7.18
5x8x2.5mm Ball Bearing (2)

HPIB021 $14.38
5x10x4mm Bearing (2)

HPIB022 $9.58
5x11x4mm Ball Bearing E-Savage (2)

HPIB023 $8.38
6x13x5mm Bearing Savage X (2)

HPIB026 $7.18
Ball Bearing 6x12x4mm E-Savage (2)

HPIB028 $9.58
6x10x3mm Ball Bearing (2)

HPIB030 $14.38
10x15x4mm Ball Bearing Zz E-Savage (2)

HPIB032 $10.78
10x16x5mm Bearing Savage 21 (2)

HPIB033 $10.78
12x18x4mm Ball Bearing (2)

HPIB039 $27.58
Complete Bearing Set E10 fourteen 12x8x4 bearings

HPIB045 $15.58
Steering Upgrade Set Savage (4)

HPIB085 $7.18
8x16x5mm Bearing Savage 21 (2)

HPIB094 $20.38
20x32x7mm Ball Bearing Baja (2)

HPIB098 $12.80
12x28x8mm Ball Bearing Flat Cut (2)

HPIHBC8059 $4.78
Clutch Nut, Lightning Buggy/Stadium Pro/Wr8

HPIZ076 $4.04
Aluminum Tp Hex Screw M3x8mm (5)

HPIZ081 $7.18
M3x6mm FHCS Flat Head Cap Screws (10)

HPIZ083 $4.78
M3x10mm FHCS Flat Head Cap Screws (10)

HPIZ085 $5.98
Flat Head Screw M3x15mm Hex Socket Hellfire (10)

HPIZ086 $5.98
Flat Head Screw M3x18mm Hex Socket Hellfire (10)

HPIZ087 $5.98
Flat Head Screw M3x20mm (10)

HPIZ092 $5.98
Flat Head Screw M3x24mm Hex Socket (10)

HPIZ103 $5.98
E-Clip E-4hd Baja (20)

HPIZ106 $8.38
E-Clip E-7hd Baja (20)

HPIZ150 $3.58
Antenna Pipe W/Cap

HPIZ203 $3.58
Washer M3x6 (10)

HPIZ212 $3.02
Button Head Screw M3x12mm

HPIZ214 $1.00
Button Head Screw M3x8

HPIZ216 $3.58
M3x15mm BHCS Button Head Cap Screws (4)

HPIZ224 $3.58
Washer M3x8mm (10)

HPIZ238 $4.00
C-Clip 13mm (4)

HPIZ240 $3.58
C-Clip 8mm Savage 21 (4)

HPIZ241 $3.58
E-Clip E2.5mm (20)

HPIZ242 $4.78
E-Clips E2mm E-Savage (20)

HPIZ244 $3.58
E-Clip E-4 (10)

HPIZ259 $5.98
Pin 25x15mm 10

HPIZ260 $4.78
Pin 2.5x12mm Savage 21 E-Savage (12)

HPIZ262 $3.58
Pin 1.5x8mm (5)

HPIZ263 $4.78
Pin 2x8mm Blitz (12)

HPIZ275 $8.38
Front Brace Set: RS4 Micro

HPIZ276 $9.58
TP Screw Set Micro RS4 (20)

HPIZ277 $5.98
C-Clip 10.5mm Baja (20)

HPIZ280 $4.78
Step Screw M3x19mm (4 pieces)

HPIZ281 $4.78
Step Screw 3x12mm (2)

HPIZ282 $3.58
Step Screw M3x14mm Nitro RS4 Mt (4)

HPIZ286 $3.58
Step Screw 3x20mm Savage (6)

HPIZ288 $3.58
Step Screw 4x20mm Savage 21 (4)

HPIZ290 $5.98
Step Screw M4x15mm Wheely King (4)

HPIZ297 $4.78
Step Screw M3x16mm (4)

HPIZ299 $5.00
Step Screw M3x23mm (4)

HPIZ303 $3.58
Cap Head Screw M3x42mm E-Savage (6)

HPIZ348 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M3x24mm (10)

HPIZ349 $5.98
Flat Head Screw M3x26mm (10)

HPIZ350 $4.78
M3x5mm BHCS Button Head Cap Screws (10)

HPIZ351 $4.78
Button Head Hex Socket Screw M3x6mm

HPIZ352 $3.58
Button Head Screw M3x8mm (10)

HPIZ353 $3.58
Button Head Screw M3x10mm (10)

HPIZ354 $3.58
Button Head Screw M3x12mm (10)

HPIZ356 $4.78
Button Head Screw M3x18mm (10)

HPIZ357 $4.78
Button Head Screw M3x20mm Hex Socket (10)

HPIZ362 $4.78
Button Head Screw M3x35mm Hex Socket Baja (10)

HPIZ411 $4.78
Cap Head Screw M2x8mm Blitz (10)

HPIZ413 $5.98
M2x12mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (10)

HPIZ419 $7.18
Cap Head Screw M2.6x35mm (10)

HPIZ420 $3.58
Cap Head Screw M2.6x6mm (12)

HPIZ422 $4.78
Cap Head Screw M2.6x10mm Baja 5t (12)

HPIZ423 $3.58
M2.6x12mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (12)

HPIZ432 $3.58
Binder Head Screw M2.6x10mm (10)

HPIZ452 $6.00
Tp Button Head Screw M2x10mm (10)

HPIZ463 $3.58
Flat Head Screw M2x10mm Savage 21 (10)

HPIZ478 $3.58
Tp Flat Head Screw, M2.6x12mm, 12pcs

HPIZ481 $3.58
Binder Head Screw M2 6x8mm (12)

HPIZ488 $3.58
Tp Flanged Screw M2.6x12mm Savage 21 (6)

HPIZ489 $4.00
Tp Flanged Screw M2.6x10mm (Hex Socket) Baja (10)

HPIZ492 $4.00
Tp Binder Head Screw M2.2x4.8mm (8)

HPIZ505 $3.02
Button Head Screw M3x15mm (6)

HPIZ506 $3.02
Button Head Screw M3x18mm (6)

HPIZ509 $3.58
Button Head Screw M3x30mm (6)

HPIZ515 $3.58
Button Head M 3x5 2-Speed (6)

HPIZ517 $3.58
Binder Head Screw M3x8mm E-Savage (10)

HPIZ518 $3.58
Binder Head Screw M3x12mm (6)

HPIZ520 $3.58
Binder Head Screw M3x18mm Savage 21 (6)

HPIZ525 $3.58
Flat Head Screw M3x6mm (4)

HPIZ526 $3.58
Flat Head Screw M3x8mm (6)

HPIZ527 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M3x10mm (6)

HPIZ528 $3.58
Flat Head Screw M3x12mm E-Savage (6)

HPIZ530 $3.58
Flat Head Screw M3x18mm Savage E-Savage (6)

HPIZ536 $4.78
Flat Head Screw M3x40mm (10)

HPIZ538 $3.58
Cap Head Screw M3x25mm Hellfire (6)

HPIZ541 $3.58
Cap Head Screw M3x6mm E-Savage (6)

HPIZ542 $3.58
Cap Head Screw M3x8mm 4.6 Ho Engine (12)

HPIZ544 $3.58
Cap Head Screw M3x12mm (6)

HPIZ545 $3.58
Cap Head Screw, M3x15mm, Hex Socket 6pcs

HPIZ546 $4.78
Cap Head Screw M3x18 (10)

HPIZ547 $3.58
Cap Head Screw M3x20mm Black Savage 21 (6)

HPIZ548 $4.78
Cap Head Screw M3x22mm (12)

HPIZ553 $3.58
Tp Button Head Screw M3x12mm

HPIZ554 $3.58
Tp Button Head Screw M3x15mm (10)

HPIZ558 $4.78
Tp Button Head Screw, M3x28mm, 10pcs

HPIZ561 $3.58
Tp Flanged Screw M3x10mm E-Savage (6)

HPIZ563 $3.58
Tp Flanged Screw M3x15mm (6)

HPIZ566 $3.58
Tp Binder Head Screw M3x8mm (10)

HPIZ568 $3.58
Head Screw 3x12mm RS4 Pro E-Savage (10)

HPIZ569 $3.58
Tp Binder Head Screw M3x15 E-Savage (10)

HPIZ570 $2.16
TP Binder Head Screw M3x20 (10)

HPIZ571 $3.58
Tp Binder Head Screw M3x20 E-Savage (6)

HPIZ573 $3.58
Tp Binder Head Scrw M3x25mm (6)

HPIZ574 $3.58
Tp Binder Head Screw M3x30mm (10)

HPIZ577 $3.58
Tp Flat Head Screw M3x10mm (6)

HPIZ578 $3.58
Flat Head Screw 3x12 RS4 Pro (10)

HPIZ579 $4.78
Tp Flat Head Screw M3x15mm E-Savage (12)

HPIZ581 $4.78
Flat Head Screw 3x18 RS4 Pro E-Savage (10)

HPIZ582 $3.58
Tp Flat Head Screw M3x20mm (10)

HPIZ583 $3.58
Tp Flat Head Screw M3x25mm (6)

HPIZ613 $3.58
Binder Head Screw M4x10mm Savage 21 (6)

HPIZ619 $4.00
Binder Head Screw M4x40mm (2)

HPIZ623 $3.58
Flat Head Screw, 4x12mm, 6pcs

HPIZ632 $3.58
Tap Binder Head Screw M4x10mm (6)

HPIZ643 $3.58
Tp Flat Head Screw M4x12mm (10)

HPIZ644 $3.58
Tp Flat Head Screw M4x15mm (10)

HPIZ649 $3.58
TP Flat Head Screw M4X30mm Savage X (6)

HPIZ661 $3.58
Locknut M2.6 Silver Savage 21 (4)

HPIZ662 $7.18
Locknut M2 (4)

HPIZ663 $3.58
Locknut M3 E-Savage (6)

HPIZ664 $3.58
Steel Locknut M4 (4)

HPIZ669 $4.78
Locknut M6 Thin Type (5)

HPIZ680 $7.18
Flanged Locknut M5X8mm Black SVG X (4)

HPIZ682 $3.58
Flange Locknut M5 Clockwise Savage 21 E-Savage (4)

HPIZ684 $4.92
Flange Locknut M4 (4)

HPIZ685 $3.58
Washer 2.7x6.7x0.5mm Savage 21 (10)

HPIZ689 $3.58
Shim 6x8x0.2mm Proceed (3)

HPIZ694 $3.58
Washer Silver M5x10x.5 (10)

HPIZ695 $3.58
HPIZ695 2-Speed Washer 4x6x.3mm (10)

HPIZ699 $3.58
HPIZ699 Washer 7x12x0.8mm Black (6)

HPIZ700 $3.58
2-Speed Set Screw M3x3mm (6)

HPIZ704 $3.58
Set Screw M3x8mm (10)

HPIZ705 $3.58
Set Screw M3x10mm (6)

HPIZ715 $7.18
Set Screw, M3x2.5mm, 10pcs

HPIZ721 $3.58
Set Screw M4x4mm Proceed (4)

HPIZ723 $3.58
Set Screw M4x6mm Proceed (4)

HPIZ724 $4.78
Set Screw M4x8mm (6)

HPIZ725 $3.58
M4x10mm Set Screws (6)

HPIZ726 $4.78
M4x12mm Set Screws (6)

HPIZ728 $3.58
Threaded Shaft, M4x20mm, 4pcs

HPIZ775 $3.58
Set Screw Tp3.2x5mm (6)

HPIZ792 $3.58
M4x8mm SHCS Socket Head Cap Screws (6)

HPIZ800 $3.58
Spring Washer 3x6mm (20)

HPIZ823 $4.78
Washer 4x8x1.2mm Baja (12)

HPIZ852 $4.78
Washer 5x7x0.2mm Blitz (10)

HPIZ892 $4.78
Washer 10x12x0.2mm (10)

HPIZ897 $3.58
Washer 12x18x0.2mm Savage 21 (6)

HPIZ901 $3.58
Allen Wrench 1.5mm

HPIZ905 $3.58
Allen Wrench 3.0mm

HPIZ911 $8.38
Combination Wrench 7mm Baja 5t

HPIZ924 $9.08
Torx Wrench T27

HPIZ950 $4.78
Cross Wrench Small

HPIZ956 $13.18
Wheels Wrench 24mm Baja

HPIZ958 $13.18
Spark Plug Wrench 16mm Torx T27

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